Marko Nikolic Investment Research Affiliate Program
25% starting commission on 100% genuine software that traders actually want to buy

Why should I apply?

Join one of the most generous affiliate programs that rewards you - and the customer. Refer traffic to the Official Marko Nikolic Investment Research Store or any of its product pages, and earn between 25-50% on each referred sale. Our software, including MarketScalper PRO and the TradeBuilder series, is some of the most popular in the financial industry, and constantly in demand.

We need affiliates to help us expand into foreign, regional, and/or niche markets (specialized trading communities etc.). If you know how to target a certain demographic, either linguistically, or professionally then we want to hear from you.

Marko Nikolic Investment Research affiliates receive numerous benefits, including:

  • Guaranteed starting commission of 25%. Up to 50% with higher referred sales volume.
  • No balance minimums. Affiliates get paid whatever commission they earn, as soon as we get paid - within 60 days of transaction.
  • Interest-earning commission. Until payouts are issued, all balances accrue APR interest of 8%, compounded on DAILY basis. So you make money on the money you already made.
  • Special, fully-personalized vouchers. These are customer discount codes that affiliates can use to promote their website, and attract traffic.
  • Access to advanced statistics that track every aspect of each referral, from commission to visitor details.
  • Generous discounts on all Marko Nikolic Investment Research products and services intended for personal use.
  • Promotional resources (banners, text, etc.).

How does it work?

Each affiliate receives a special code that is unique to their account. This code is added to the Marko Nikolic Investment Research Store link (, which an affiliate then uses in their referral promotion. When a customer clicks on such link, their basic behavior is tracked - from the number of store pages they visit to registration to eventual purchase. It is precisely through this method that affiliates are able to keep track of their commission and related statistics (via

How do I get paid?

When affiliates sign-up, they provide Marko Nikolic Investment Research with an email address that is registered with either Paypal, MoneyBookers, or Liberty Reserve. We use that email address to send them commission via one of three aforementioned payment processors. There are no minimum balances - affiliates get paid for each referral when we do, regardless of order size. Our payment processor typically pays us within 60 days of transaction, at which point we also pay out the commission. Until they get paid, all affiliates earn extra income by accruing APR interest of 8% on all balances - and the interest compounds HOURLY not daily.

If you are already an affiliate, you can track your referrals and commission via Affiliate Portal. Marko Nikolic Investment Research is formerly known as Build-a-Signal Software. If you have a Build-a-Signal affiliate account, you're already signed up.'

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