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Please do not republish, reproduce, re-distribute, or sell of any Marko Nikolic Investment Research software, services, publications, or any related material (including posted text or image data) without our prior authorization. Just be open and talk to us - we are reasonable.

If you're interested in licensing any Marko Nikolic Investment Research software, services, publications, or related material, as is or white label, contact us. We also do custom algorithmic and strategy development for private clients.

We offer wholesale (volume license) pricing to retailers wishing to carry our products through their distribution channels. Those interested should inquire with our sales department and state the quantity and type of desired licenses, as well as their target distribution channels., all pages and content (text, images, video, audio) therein, services (Sigma Pivots, Phi Volatility), publications, and software (MarketScalper PRO, TradeBuilder - Classic Edition, TradeBuilder - Core Edition, PivotBuilder Personal Trading Suite, TrendSuite Institutional) are copyrights and intellectual properties of Marko Nikolic Investment Research, and its parents company, Nitrode Inc. Build-a-Signal is a brand name we originally used to sell software. It has since been replaced by Marko Nikolic Investment Research.

Affiliate program is available and open to anyone willing to promote our products via fair and effective channels. Blanket marketing and use of marketing bots is strictly prohibited.

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