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MarketScalper PRO v11 has been released and is now available for download (existing clients) and purchase.

The eleventh generation of MarketScalper PRO introduces a brand new scalping mode, aimed at high frequency trading. The High Frequency Mode (HFT) applies a completely separate algorithmic framework from the one used in non-HFT mode (Probability 1-10). The HFT algorithm is designed to detect nuances in momentum exhaustion and investor interest, and capitalizes in divergences between them and price. In other words, it looks for unsubstantiated (or unsustainable) price movement on a level more microscopic than strictly trend exhaustion. As result, MarketScalper PRO in HFT mode will issue an abundance of signals - many of them accurate within 1-3 bars of forecasted signal direction, but they require rapid action on trader's part.

Featured screenshot: MarketScalper PRO v11’s new High Frequency Trading mode in action. Target market: AUDUSD M1.

High frequency trading can be lucrative but also equally stressful due to increased volume of signals and need for speedy execution. One of the main requirements for HFT is low spread and/or commission. Remember, you are trying to capture small profits over and over again, by executing a high volume of trades. You cannot make money if broker eats majority of your profits upon each trade execution.

To activate MarketScalper PRO's High Frequency Trading mode simply set the HighFrequencyTrading parameter to TRUE. Try it on a demo account first, and see if HFT is suitable for you and your risk appetite. While the HFT mode is active, the Probability parameter becomes inactive and turns purple on the dashboard. Lower time frames (M15 and under) work best with HFT due to their ranging, volatile intraday price behavior.

Other applications of this mode include:

  • Binary Options with expirations set to 2-5 bars following the issued signal.
  • Swing Trading, by using HFT signals to close already open positions. For example, following an aggressive trend-geared indicator to enter a market (as price gains momentum), and HFT mode to exit, as soon as momentum exhausts and price action is on cusp of swinging in the opposite direction.

Below are additional screenshots of MarketScalper PRO v11's High Frequency Trading mode in action. Arrow_With_Alert parameter has been set to TRUE so that signals and arrows appear at the same bar in the same time - in other words wherever arrows were drawn on a chart, that is precisely where signal (audio, pop-up, email, push to phone) to BUY or SELL was issued. This parameter makes it easier to visually backtest scalping strategies.

Euro-Dollar: EUR/USD M1

Euro-Swissy: EUR/CHF M5

Euro-Yen: EUR/JPY M1

Pound-Yen: GBP/JPY M1

And a close-up of EUR/USD M15 for those interested in precise signal alignment

Future versions of MarketScalper PRO will further expand the HFT mode, with options such as signal qualification and risk appetite.



If you are an existing MarketScalper PRO customer, only ONE of the following TWO options applies:

  1. All existing clients who purchased MarketScalper PRO v9 and higher (April 15, 2013 onward) qualify for a free upgrade to version 11. An email with download instructions will be sent to you within 24 hours.
  1. Clients who purchased MarketScalper PRO prior to April 15, 2013 qualify for a deeply discounted upgrade to version 11. This paid upgrade also includes the upcoming v12. License upgraded within 24 hours of payment.

MarketScalper PRO v11 is available for sale at the official Marko Nikolic Investment Research store. The current, promotional price is $495. Your purchase includes a free upgrade to MarketScalper PRO v12, slated for release in Q2 2015.


Wishing you all a very successful 2015 - and to those who celebrate - the merriest of Christmases!

Marko Nikolic
President and Chief Developer
December 24, 2014, Toronto, Canada

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