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MarketScalper PRO v12 is a major upgrade to the series. The twelfth generation expands the algorithmic framework by adding two new statistical subroutines, resulting in noticeably improved performance (+15-20%) in regards to accuracy and adaptability. The new version also adds algorithmic back-compatibility, custom optimization, native Metatrader 4 builds 800+ support, and several new convenience features.

Above: MarketScalper PRO scalping EUR/USD M1. Probability set to 4.

New Razer-12 Algorithmic Framework

The new modules within MarketScalper PRO's algorithmic framework were chosen for their ability to consider and predict price slope and calculate several proprietary statistical measures. The combination of the two yields significant improvements in signal filtering, especially during extremely volatile market behavior. The expanded algorithm improves performance in, both, standard (Probability) and High Frequency Trading modes. Instead of going on about technical details let us demonstrate how it all translates into performance.

Dollar/Yen (USD/JPY) 1-hour chart, MarketScalper PRO v12 Probability set to 5

Pound/Dollar (GBP/USD) 1-minute chart, Probability set to 4

Dollar/Loonie (USD/CAD) 5-minute chart, Probability set to 1

Pound/Yen (GBP/JPY) 15-minute chart, Probability set to 3

Dollar/Yen (USD/JPY) 1-minute chart, High Frequency Mode active

Algorithmic Back-Compatibility

We know that many of your strategies depend on MarketScalper PRO for either scalping or closing positions. To ensure smooth transition to version 12 we've added back-compatibility with version 11's algorithm. If for any reason you prefer the way v11 behaved or your strategies specifically rely on it, simply set the Algorithmic_Version input parameter to 11. From here onward, all future versions of MarketScalper PRO will be able to emulate older algorithmic behavior right down to v11. This applies to MarketScalper PRO's standard (Probability) and High Frequency Trading modes. When v11 algorithm is active, a "v11" icon will appear within the Visual Dashboard.

From Single Indicator to Suite

Many of you will remember that version 9 was more of a manual scalping system than the auto-adaptive MarketScalper that version 12 represents. We're bringing version 9 back and expanding it, so that those who wish to have direct control over algorithmic behavior can do so at will. To avoid confusion, version 9 has been appropriately rebranded as MarketScalper Mixer and is offered to all MarketScalper PRO clients at no additional charge. This is why we opted to call MarketScalper PRO v12 a suite - it offers 2 products geared at scalping, one automatic the other manual.

Other New Features

Version 12 introduces several other features including:

  • Algorithmic Code - If you contracted Marko Nikolic Investment Research to create custom forks (optimizations) of MarketScalper PRO's internal algorithm and wish to activate them, use the Algorithm_Code field to enter the code(s) you received from us. Algorithmic optimization is a premium service we offer to our clients. The process involves optimizing algorithmic behavior to specific target market parameters - symbol/pair, time frame, strategy type, etc. When MarketScalper's algorithm is fine-tuned to target one market its performance and accuracy increase. More information on this service can be found here:
  • MarketScalper PRO v12's visual dashboard has been expanded and now displays real-time spread - fully functional with, both, 4 and 5 digit brokers.
  • Version 12 was natively compiled in Metatrader 4 build 800 environment. This step improves technical performance (speed of calculations) and ensures that MarketScalper PRO remains future-proof and compatible with upcoming versions of the platform.

Expanded User Manual

The manual has been significantly revised to cover all new features, and now incorporates both PRO and Mixer versions of MarketScalper. Emphasis on the much expanded section 4.

Existing Clients

If you are an existing MarketScalper PRO customer, only one of the following two options applies:

  1. All existing clients who purchased MarketScalper PRO on or after February 14, 2014 qualify for a free upgrade to version 12. To download, either follow the instructions sent to you via email or visit your licensed software portal.
Access Download Portal
  1. Clients who purchased MarketScalper PRO prior to February 14, 2014 qualify for a deeply discounted upgrade to version 12. This paid upgrade also includes the upcoming v13. License upgraded within 24 hours of payment.
Upgrade now for $195
New Customers

MarketScalper PRO v12 is available for sale at the official Marko Nikolic Investment Research store. The current, promotional price is $500. Your purchase includes MarketScalper PRO Mixer and a free upgrade to MarketScalper PRO v13, slated for release in Q3 2015.

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