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The thirteenth generation of the MarketScalper suite is a major upgrade to the series, introducing new and improved algorithms as well as the optional, companion Expert Adviser. Version 13 introduces High Freqency Trading II (HFT II) scalping engine for intraday traders who scalp the smallest of market ripples. HFT II (v13) is a vast improvement over HFT I (v12) in terms of accuracy (20-50% higher) and adaptability (via improved filtering). MarketScalper PRO v13 also features significantly optimized primary algorithm, improved risk gauge assessment, algorithmic back-compatibility, and native Metatrader 4 builds 900+ support.

Above: MarketScalper PRO v13 scalping EUR/USD M1 intraday price action. Probability input set to 2.

New Razer-13 Algorithmic Framework

I'll start off by saying that I'm well aware of certain people's fear of the number 13. In this case, however, 13 is a good number for it represents many improvements that the thirteenth generation of our flagship scalping framework has to offer. Besides, there is no room for superstition in trading. It introduces an emotional element (fear) into strategies, and we all know what happens when you mix emotion with trading. MarketScalper's new Razer-13 algorithmic framework includes the primary algorithm and the High Frequency Trading mode algorithm. Both of these have received notable upgrades in v13, especially the latter via new HFT II engine.

Improved Primary Algorithm

We'll start by showcasing the primary, most commonly used scalping mode, controlled via Probability parameter. Algorithmic upgrades in v13 include better detection of volatility (relative to recent and typical price behavior) and improvements in algorithm's adaptability. The screenshots below demonstrate the new algorithm in action across numerous markets, time frames, and Probability values. Arrows and signals (alerts) are issued at the same bar.

Euro/Yen (EUR/JPY) 5-minute chart, MarketScalper PRO v13 Probability set to 6

Euro/Pound (EUR/GBP) 15-minute chart, Probability set to 3

Dollar/Yen (USD/JPY) 1-hour chart, Probability set to 1

Euro/Franc (EUR/CHF) 5-minute chart, Probability set to 1

Kiwi/Dollar (NZD/USD) 1-minute chart, Probability set to 2

High Frequency Trading Engine II

As explained earlier, HFT II received major upgrades in MarketScalper PRO v13. Most notably, the new engine features an improved statistical core, better intraday volatility detection, and new rules for analysis of over/under weight markets. Screenshots below showcase HFT II's performance - remember high frequency trading orients around scalping few points of price action many times over within any one session (typically 5-min chart or under). Arrows and signals (alerts) are issued at the same bar.

Pound/Dollar (GBP/USD) 1-minute chart, High Frequency Trading (HFT II)

Pound/Yen (GBP/JPY) 1-minute chart, High Frequency Trading (HFT II)

Dollar/Franc (USD/CHF) 1-minute chart, High Frequency Trading (HFT II)

Euro/Dollar (EUR/USD) 1-minute chart, High Frequency Trading (HFT II) - Close Up View

Enhanced Risk Gauge

MarketScalper PRO's Visual Dashboard includes a module called the Risk Gauge (designated with "RISK"). The module's output is derived via separate algorithm, which gauges risk to scalping under current market conditions. The Risk Gauge was designed to provide traders with visual confirmation for any MarketScalper PRO-issued signal. For example, pairing a long or short signal with average risk or lower improves the probability of that signal's success. The screenshot below shows application of Risk Gauge in EUR/USD M1 intraday scalping.

Algorithmic Back-Compatibility

First introduced in v12, Algorithmic Back-Compatibility feature allows you to emulate MarketScalper PRO's prior version algorithms (11 and up). If you have a preference for v11 or 12 algorithm or your strategies rely on them, simply set the Algorithmic_Version input parameter to 11 or 12, respectively. When non-v13 algorithm is active, an icon will appear within the Visual Dashboard to indicate emulation of an older MarketScalper algorithm.

New MarketScalper Add-On: Expert Adviser (optional)

After many requests from existing and potential clients we have developed and released the official, natively-integrated MarketScalper Expert Adviser (EA). The EA fully supports all features and input parameters from both versions of MarketScalper (PRO and Mixer - both come with a purchased license). Expert Adviser was developed to empower traders with these three, key features:

Auto-trading: the EA opens, manages, closes positions based on any signal issued by MarketScalper PRO or Mixer. Includes full order management: take-profit, stop-loss, slippage control, lot sizing.

Back-testing: the EA goes beyond visual assessment by giving a full, quantitative performance breakdown of strategy's historic effectiveness.

Optimization: the EA allows users to optimize every input parameter, and rank best input values based on historical performance. In other words, the MarketScalper EA and Metatrader do all strategy creation work for you. Your job is to pick a ranked strategy which matches your return and drawdown expectations.

The Expert Adviser is an optional and paid add-on to MarketScalper - it requires the base indicator to operate. Existing clients can upgrade to MarketScalper EA at the prorated (reduced) cost of $300, while new clients can purchase it as part of the MarketScalper PRO Suite.

Technical Improvements

Version 13 was natively compiled in Metatrader 4 build 900 API environment. This step improves technical performance (speed of calculations, memory management) and ensures that MarketScalper remains future-proof and compatible with upcoming versions of the platform.

Expanded User Manual

The manual has been significantly revised to cover all new features of MarketScalper PRO and Mixer as well as the operation of the optional Expert Adviser module (section 5).

Existing Clients

If you are an existing MarketScalper PRO customer, only one of the following two options applies:

  1. All existing clients who purchased MarketScalper PRO on or after February 14, 2014 qualify for a free upgrade to version 13. To download, either follow the instructions sent to you via email or visit your licensed software portal.
Access Download Portal
  1. Clients who purchased MarketScalper PRO prior to February 14, 2014 qualify for a deeply discounted upgrade to version 13. This paid upgrade also includes all future versions of MarketScalper PRO Suite (lifetime license).
Upgrade now for $195

MarketScalper PRO EA

Existing clients can upgrade to MarketScalper EA at a prorated price of $300, while new clients can purchase it as part of the MarketScalper Suite.

New Customers

If you're interested in purchasing MarketScalper PRO Suite v13 or any of our other software, please visit the Official Marko Nikolic Investment Research Store.

Marko Nikolic
President and Chief Developer
November 6, 2015, Toronto, Canada

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