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MarketScalper PRO 2016 represents the biggest upgrade to the series in the past 2 years. It introduces a brand-new, auto-adaptive scalping framework based on statistical and technical models that improve the quality of signals without overfiltering the price action (this was one of the issues in earlier versions).

Above: MarketScalper PRO 2016 scalping USD/JPY M1 chart. Probability set to 2.

Updating the MarketScalper Brand

One thing you probably noticed right away is that we jumped from v13 to 2016. Here is why: starting with this edition of MarketScalper, all software versioning (including TradeBuilder, TrendSuite, PivotBuilder) is being rebranded to reflect the year of release rather than a simple version number - for example, what was going to be MarketScalper v14 is now MarketScalper 2016. Minor releases will be represented by date of their release within that year. We chose this approach in order to prevent confusion in regards to recency of latest versions of each software. Before the re-brand we had 5 lines of software each with a different version number, which was becoming confusing. Since, on average, Marko Nikolic Investment Research releases a major update for each software once a year, using the year number rather than sequential versioning made a lot more sense.

New and Powerful: RAZER-XIV Scalping Algorithm

The fourteenth edition of our scalping algorithmic framework is bigger, more accurate, and faster than ever, providing higher quality scalping opportunities at almost no lag, thanks to several new proprietary filters that we've added. Aside from filters, the primary framework is based on new statistical and technical models that we've exhaustively tested across numerous and varied markets, time frames, and chart types - all with high fidelity results. The 2016 edition of MarketScalper PRO performs better than the prior versions and the screenshots below demonstrate just what that means:

GBP/USD (Pound/Dollar) 1-minute; Probability @ 5

USD/CHF (Dollar/Swiss Franc) 15-minute; Probability @ 4

EUR/USD (Euro/Dollar) 1-hour; Probability @ 1

EUR/JPY (Euro/Yen) 5-minute; Probability @ 5

GBP/JPY (Pound/Yen) 5-minute; Probability @ 2

New Market Bias Component

MarketScalper's dashboard has been expanded and now includes a new section that displays composite information on underlying market conditions (bias). Bias will be shown as Long (bullish), Short (bearish), or Consolidating (neutral), helping you identify the prevailing market trend. Scalping in the direction of trend gives you a statistical advantage (higher probability of success), especially in signal-heavy High Frequency Mode (set HighFrequencyTrading parameter to true). For example, taking a long signal in what the Bias identifies as a Long (bullish) market is statistically stronger (especially with looser stops) than taking a short position. The EUR/USD M5 example below visualizes what was just said: using High Frequency Trading mode to trade in direction of the Bias (trend).

Bias plays a lesser role when used with MarketScalper’s standard (Probability) mode since that mode includes many additional layers of confirmation and filtering.

Speaking of dashboard, we also removed the solid background featured in prior versions as per user feedback, preventing occlusion in non-shifted charts.

Optional, Algorithmic Optimization

Clients looking to customize or further boost performance of MarketScalper can now do so via our Software Development and Optimization service - the 2016 edition framework fully supports it. This process involves adding a special sub-algorithm to the main MarketScalper PRO framework, specifically developed with models that target behavior of client's requested market, time frame, or chart type. Since code is exclusively written for specific behavioral price patterns associated with the target market, the quality of signals is further improved. Clients interested in customization should contact us with the details of their strategy or return objective.

Fully Back-Compatible

We know there are many of you still relying on v13 for your existing strategies. While we believe that the 2016 edition will be of great benefit immediately and in the long run, we understand that some of you may need time to transition, which is why we kept full back-compatibility of v13, v12, and v11 in the new version of MarketScalper. To make the 2016 edition emulate prior versions simply set Algorithm_Version parameter to either 13, 12, or 11, representing MarketScalper v13, v12, v11. An icon with the version number will be added to MarketScalper's dashboard indicating which algorithm is being emulated.

Expert Adviser (EA) updated to 2016

MarketScalper's EA add-on fully supports the new 2016 edition framework and even allows back-compatibility with prior versions using the same emulation technique as mentioned above. The EA will receive another update this summer, which will give it the trailing stop capability (free upgrade to all EA clients).

Technical Improvements

The 2016 edition of MarketScalper was natively compiled in Metatrader 4 build 970+ API environment. This step improves technical performance (speed of calculations, memory management) and ensures that MarketScalper remains future-proof and compatible with upcoming versions of the platform.

The manual has been revised to cover all new features of MarketScalper 2016 (PRO, Mixer, EAs).

Existing Clients

If you are an existing MarketScalper PRO customer, only one of the following two options applies:

  1. All existing clients who purchased MarketScalper PRO on or after June 1, 2014 qualify for a free upgrade to the 2016 edition. To download, either follow the instructions sent to you via email or visit your licensed software portal.
Access Download Portal
  1. Clients who purchased MarketScalper PRO prior to June 1, 2014 qualify for a deeply discounted upgrade to the 2016 edition. This paid upgrade also includes all future versions of MarketScalper PRO Suite (lifetime license).
Upgrade now for $250

MarketScalper PRO EA

Existing clients can upgrade to MarketScalper EA at a prorated price of $300, while new clients can purchase it as part of the MarketScalper Suite.

New Customers

If you're interested in purchasing MarketScalper PRO 2016 Suite or any of our other software, please visit the Official Marko Nikolic Investment Research Store.

Marko Nikolic
President and Chief Developer
June 17, 2016, Toronto, Canada

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