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Riding on success of last year's High Frequency Trading augment, MarketScalper PRO 2019 further extends the sub-algorithm via Multi-Dimensional Intraday Valuation (M-DIV) technology. This algorithmic extension incorporates additional dimensions of technical analysis, namely statistics and volatility, to identify most probable short-term trading opportunities.

Above: MarketScalper PRO 2019 scalping EUR/USD M15 chart. High Frequency Trading mode (featuring Multi-Dimensional Intrabar Valuation (M-DIV) technology) with HFT Precision filter.

MarketScalper PRO 2019's Multi-Dimensional Intrabar Valuation (M-DIV) - Technology Showcase

Over the last few months, we decided to continue our research with MarketScalper's High Frequency Mode, mainly due to performance results and potential we were seeing. What was once an optional mode within MarketScalper, HFT is now on par, and in some cases better performing, than the non-HFT mode. Like with the prior update, all changes are under the hood, within the algorithmic framework. There are no graphical user interface changes or new parameters in this version of MarketScalper, the new M-DIV technology is automatically applied when user activates the High Frequency Trading mode. It affects the unfiltered HFT mode and its optional High Precision filter, which further qualifies only the most probable scalping opportunities. The regular, non-HFT Probability mode is unaffected and has not been modified because we were satisfied with its performance throughout the past year. As a reminder, HFT mode is activated by setting HighFrequencyTrading parameter to True. Once HFT is active you have the option of applying the High Precision filter by setting HighFrequency_Precision parameter to True.

Below is a showcase of MarketScalper PRO 2019, running in High Frequency Trading (HFT) Mode, powered by the new Multi-Dimensional Intrabar Valuation (M-DIV) technology.

EUR/JPY (Euro/Yen) 1-minute; High Frequency Trading Mode

AUD/USD (Aussie/Dollar) 5-minute; High Frequency Trading Mode

USD/CHF (Dollar/Swiss) 5-minute; High Frequency Trading Mode

EUR/USD (Euro/Swiss) 1-hour; High Frequency Trading Mode

GBP/JPY (Pound/Yen) 4-hour; High Frequency Trading Mode

EUR/USD (Euro/Dollar) 1-minute; High Frequency Trading Mode

As indicative by its name, the principle of High Frequency Trading concerns with employing high volume of trades to scalp small profits, cut small losses, or accumulate directional positions. This style of trading requires tighter Stop-Loss values and a broker with low trading costs (spread, commission, slippage). The alternative application for the HFT mode is to use it alongside a trend-following indicator like TradeBuilder or TrendSuite to build a more comprehensive trading system. You'd use trend-geared signals to open trades and MarketScalper's HFT signals to close, as soon as trend momentum begins to weaken.

Optional, Algorithmic Optimization

Clients looking to customize or further boost performance of MarketScalper can do so via our Software Development and Optimization service - the 2019 edition framework fully supports it. This process involves adding a special sub-algorithm to the main MarketScalper PRO framework, specifically developed with models that target behavior of client's requested market, time frame, or chart type. Since code is exclusively written for specific behavioral price patterns associated with the target market, the quality of signals is further improved. Clients interested in customization should contact us with details of their strategy or objective.

Fully Back-Compatible

The 2019 Edition of MarketScalper is fully back-compatible with older versions of the algorithm, such as v13 (2015 release). To make the 2019 edition emulate prior versions simply set Algorithm_Version parameter to either 13, 12, or 11, representing MarketScalper v13, v12, v11. An icon with the version number will be added to MarketScalper's dashboard indicating which algorithm is being emulated.

Expert Adviser (EA) updated to 2019

MarketScalper's EA add-on fully supports the new 2019 edition framework and its Dimensional Intrabar Valuation technology - it is also back-compatible with prior versions using the same emulation technique as described above.

Technical Improvements

The 2019 edition of MarketScalper was natively compiled in Metatrader 4 build 1170+ API environment. This improves technical performance (speed of calculations, memory management) and ensures that MarketScalper remains future-proof and compatible with upcoming versions of the platform.

The manual has been revised to cover all new features of MarketScalper 2019 (PRO, Mixer, EAs), in particular section 4.1.1.

Existing Clients

If you are an existing MarketScalper PRO customer, only one of the following two options applies:

  1. All existing clients who purchased MarketScalper PRO on or after June 1, 2014 qualify for a free upgrade to the 2018 edition. To download, either follow the instructions sent to you via email or visit your licensed software portal.
Access Download Portal
  1. Clients who purchased MarketScalper PRO prior to June 1, 2014 qualify for a deeply discounted upgrade to the 2018 edition. This paid upgrade also includes all future versions of MarketScalper PRO Suite (lifetime license).
Upgrade now for $250

MarketScalper PRO EA

Existing clients can upgrade to MarketScalper EA at a prorated cost of $300, while new clients can purchase it as part of the MarketScalper Suite.

New Customers

If you're interested in purchasing MarketScalper PRO 2018 Suite or any of our other software, please visit the store.

Marko Nikolic
President and Chief Developer
April 6, 2019, Toronto, Canada

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