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Version 3.0 of the PivotBuilder Trading Suite is a major upgrade to the series, adding a full-spectrum volume filter and improving technical performance (speed of calculations) via streamlined code architecture.

Above: PivotBuilder strategy add-ons (trend-following strategy with Volume filtering @ 200k uptick/downtick) on Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) 5-minute chart

New Feature: Volume Filtering

Before volume filtering was introduced in version 3, PivotBuilder included a sole momentum-based signal filter based on directional bias. The new volume filtering capability allows users to incorporate investor interest and participation into signal calculations as well by weighing (anchoring) price with volume. The filter relies on 2 volume components: upticks for Long (bullish trend strengthening) or Short Exit (bearish trend weakening) signals and downticks for Short (bearish trend strengthening) or Long Exit (bullish trend weakening) signals. Volume filtering is available in PivotBuilder's signal-generating add-ons, namely ShowMe/Alerts and the 4 strategy components: Long-Entry (LE), Long-Exit (LX), Short-Entry (SE), and Short-Exit (SX).

Signals (and associated orders) will not be generated unless, both, pivot crossover and volume conditions are met (in addition to momentum filtering, if active). Volume filtering is especially useful during quiet, consolidating markets with low investor interest.

The following 2 parameters allow you to specify the minimum volume (tick) level you'd like to incorporate into PivotBuilder's signal filtering:

  • Long.minimum.upticks – Minimum upticks that a Long Entry (LE) and Short Exit (SX) add-ons must consider before issuing a signal. Upticks are an indicator of bullish interest and hence focus on long positions.
  • Short.minimum.downticks – Minimum downticks that a Short Entry (SE) and Long Exit (LX) add-ons must consider before issuing a signal. Downticks are an indicator of bearish interest and hence focus on long positions.

Uptick/Downtick values are up to you and your strategy/risk parameters. TradeStation and MultiCharts both have Volume Up and Volume Down indicators built-in that you could add to charts to get an idea of applicable tick values.

The following example demonstrates the new Volume Filter in action. First screenshot is an intraday, trend-geared PivotBuilder setup without any volume filtering, while second screenshot shows the same setup with filtering of 200,000 upticks/downticks applied. Featured market: Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) 5-minute chart.

PivotBuilder's manual has been revised (especially section 4.4) to cover all new features of v3. If possible use TradeStation 9.5 or MultiCharts 9+ to take full advantage of new code architecture.

Custom Workspace Development

Although PivotBuilder is intuitive to configure and optimize, we also offer the optional, paid service of premium workspace development. This service is geared toward those traders who just care about signals and not actual strategy building. Based on client's budget and trading preferences (market, time frame, risk), we develop, optimize, and deep-history plus forward test profitable configurations to ensure returns are consistent across multiple economic and market cycles. If you're interested in premium workspace development, please contact us with your expectations and we'll reply within 24-48 hours.

Existing Customers

  • Version 3.0 framework, like prior upgrades, is free to all existing PivotBuilder license holders.
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New Customers

  • If you are interested in purchasing PivotBuilder, please visit the official store page below.
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More Information

More information pertaining to PivotBuilder Personal Trading Suite can be accessed through its dedicated section of the site.

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