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PivotBuilder Personal Trading Suite version 4 has officially been released and is now available for download. The fourth generation of the pivot building framework integrates Tick Delta Analysis, compoundable as a filter with PivotBuilder's standard features and capabilities.

Above: PivotBuilder strategy add-ons configured as intraday trend-following strategy on Powershares QQQ (NASDAQ: QQQ) 20-minute chart. PivotBuilder's Tick Delta Filtering (smoothing of 5) and Volume Filtering (300k uptick/downtick) applied.

New Feature: Tick Delta Filtering

PivotBuilder v4 incorporates Tick Delta as an optional feature within its signal calculations for traders concerned about market weight and volume interest. Tick Delta was a logical and much requested extension to PivotBuilder v3's introduction of Volume Filtering. For those unfamiliar with the concept, Tick Delta is the net difference (positive or negative) between upticks and downticks within a given period of a traded market. Positive Tick Delta (upticks exceed downticks) is interpreted as bulls being in control of the market. Negative Tick Delta (downticks exceed upticks) is interpreted as bears being in control. On its own Tick Delta tends to be quite erratic, which is why we added a user-definable smoothing factor to help PivotBuilder identify Tick Delta trends and improve its filtering capabilities.

When active within PivotBuilder, Tick Delta helps incorporate more effective volume profiling than Volume Filtering alone since prior examines the tick structure (up versus down) while latter simply considers the volume aggregate.

As previously mentioned, Tick Delta acts as a filter within PivotBuilder:

  • Long signals will only be issued when Tick Delta is in the positive territory
  • Short signals will only be issued when Tick Delta is in the negative territory

To help you visualize what Tick Delta looks and behaves like under the hood, we’ve added a new Indicator add-on to the PivotBuilder suite called PivotBuilder Tick Delta Visualizer (automatically installed when you install PivotBuilder v4 or higher). It is basically an oscillator with the same averaging (smoothing) input and calculations as what PivotBuilder incorporates.

Above: PivotBuilder Tick Delta Visualizer add-on profiles interest (volume) underlining price action in SPDR S&P 500 ETF (NYSEARCA: SPY) 15 minute chart

Working with Tick Delta

To activate Tick Delta filtering set PivotBuilder’s Apply.Tick.Delta parameter to true. Use the Tick.Delta.Averaging parameter to control filter sensitivity (Tick Delta smoothing). Range is 1 to 1000, with higher periods providing greater filtering as they place more importance on Tick Delta trend. A good example of this is seen during the 12/4 session in the above screenshot – while price kept going up, Tick Delta was sloping down indicating that the upside price movement had no weight (up volume) under it. All of this is done within PivotBuilder's framework, the Visualizer add-on is there just to give you a representation of the Tick Delta subalgorithm. We recommend you use Tick Delta filtering in your PivotBuilder setups due to its ability to act as a leading indicator of price action.

The following example demonstrates Tick Delta filtering in action. First screenshot is an intraday, swing trading PivotBuilder setup without any Tick Delta filtering, while second screenshot shows the same setup with filtering applied (Tick Delta averaging factor of 30). Featured market: Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) 20-minute chart.

PivotBuilder's manual has been revised (especially section 4.4.3) to cover all new features of v4. If possible use TradeStation 9.5 or MultiCharts 9+ to take full advantage of multi-core processing.

Existing Customers

  • Version 4.0 framework, like prior upgrades, is free to all existing PivotBuilder license holders.
Download version 4.0

New Customers

  • If you are interested in purchasing PivotBuilder, please visit the official store page below.
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Custom Workspace Development

Although PivotBuilder is intuitive to configure and optimize, we also offer the optional, paid service of premium workspace development. This service is geared toward those traders whose primary concern is the signal performance and not strategy building. Based on client's budget and trading preferences (market, time frame, risk), we develop, optimize, and deep-history/forward test profitable configurations while ensuring return consistency across multiple economic cycles. If you're interested in this service, please contact us with your expectations and we'll reply within 24-48 hours.

More Information

All details pertaining to PivotBuilder Personal Trading Suite can be accessed through its dedicated section of the site.

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Marko Nikolic
President & Chief Developer
Thursday, December 17, 2015, Toronto, Canada

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