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PivotBuilder Personal Trading Suite 2017 Edition has officially been released and is now available for download. The latest version of the pivot-building framework significantly improves the Momentum Filter (based on an all-new algorithm), and provides native MultiCharts 10 and TradeStation 9.5 Update 17 (and higher) support.

Above: PivotBuilder 2017 Edition's new Momentum Filter in action, filtering Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) intraday (60 min) price action. Filter set to 4 (out of possible 5), indicating significant filtering during times of consolidation. Strategy takes small losses or breaks even while price ranges and locks in big profits when trend runs.

New Feature: Statistical Momentum Filtering

PivotBuilder 2017's Momentum Filter is based on an all-new algorithm that combines momentum and statistical analysis in its calculations, yielding significant improvements over the old version of the filter, introduced back in early 2015. In descriptive terms, the new algo can be thought of as a formula that first gauges the underlying momentum (trend support) then compares it to market's statistics, things such as standard deviation and volatility. Applying statistics in addition to momentum helps PivotBuilder avoid undesirable ranging conditions such as whipsaws.

The original filter introduced before the 2017 Edition allowed for only 3 parameters: 0 disables the filter (default), 1 = light filtering, 2 = intermediate filtering. The 2017 Edition significantly expands the filtering range to 5. For back-compatibility purposes values of 1 and 2 still apply the old filter - just in case some of you are using it in your existing strategies. Newly introduced values of 3, 4, and 5 apply the new filtering algorithm with 3 representing moderate, 4 significant, and 5 heavy signal filtering.

Momentum Filter is available in PivotBuilder's signal-generating add-ons, including ShowMe (Alerts in MultiCharts), and the 4 Strategy/Signal components Long-Entry (LE), Long-Exit (LX), Short-Entry (SE), and Short-Exit (SX).

The following example demonstrates PivotBuilder 2017's new Momentum Filter in Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) 5-minute price action.

Momentum Filter set to 0 - disabled, no filtering.

Momentum Filter set to 2 - utilizing old (pre-2017 Edition) algorithm.

Momentum Filter set to 3 - utilizing new (2017 Edition) algorithm.

Latest Platform Support: TradeStation 9.5 (Update 17+) and MultiCharts 10

PivotBuilder 2017 was compiled within MultiCharts 10 and TradeStation 9.5 Update 17 environments, offering improved technical performance plus full and native support for those platforms (including their latest technologies/features). Although TradeStation Group have taken down TradeStation 9.1 platform from their website (, we still fully support it - compatible version of PB 2017 Edition is included for TS 9.1 users within the download package (link below).

PivotBuilder's manual has been revised (especially section to cover all new features of the 2017 Edition. If possible use TradeStation 9.5 or MultiCharts 10 to take full advantage of multi-core processing.

Existing Customers

  • The 2017 Edition, like prior upgrades, is free to all existing PivotBuilder license holders.
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New Customers

  • If you are interested in purchasing PivotBuilder, please visit the official store page below.
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Custom Workspace Development

Although PivotBuilder is intuitive to configure and optimize, we also offer the optional, paid service of premium workspace development. This service is geared toward those traders whose primary concern is the signal performance and not strategy building. Based on client's budget and trading preferences (market, time frame, risk), we develop, optimize, and deep-history/forward test profitable configurations while ensuring return consistency across multiple economic cycles. If you're interested in this service, please contact us with your expectations and we'll reply within 24-48 hours.

More Information

All details pertaining to PivotBuilder Personal Trading Suite can be accessed through its dedicated section of the site.

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Marko Nikolic
President & Chief Developer
Wednesday, December 21, 2016, Toronto, Canada

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