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If you're looking to trade emerging markets, India presents many options in that category with Nifty being one of the most stable. Nifty 50 is National Stock Exchange of India's popular benchmark stock market index. It is available for trading in form of derivatives, such as CFDs (contracts for difference), available on popular platforms such as Metatrader 4. The following showcase demonstrates MarketScalper and TrendSuite performance and application in Nifty with specific, tested parameter settings.

Following Trend on Nifty with TrendSuite

TrendSuite was envisioned and designed to be a trend-following framework, first and foremost. Its algorithm consults several technical dimensions of trend formation and issues signals when they align.

First 4 screenshots are TrendSuite Institutional at Risk levels 1, 4, 6 (lower to higher) and Trend Breakout mode (read more here).

TrendSuite Institutional on Nifty M1, Risk @ 1.

TrendSuite Institutional on Nifty M1, Risk @ 4.

TrendSuite Institutional on Nifty M1, Risk @ 6.

TrendSuite Institutional on Nifty M1, Trend Breakout Mode Active.

The following 2 screenshots are of TrendSuite Mixer (a more customizable variant of TrendSuite) showing Short Term Mode without and with (maximum) filtering. All TrendSuite clients have access to, both, Institutional and Mixer add-ons of TrendSuite.

TrendSuite Mixer on Nifty M1, Short Term Mode; No Filtering.

TrendSuite Mixer on Nifty M1, Short Term Mode; Maximum Filtering.

Scalping Nifty with MarketScalper

MarketScalper, as indicative by its name, is primarily a scalping framework - in a nutshell, it looks for weakness in momentum and trend (retracements), in addition to formations like channels (swings). It qualifies only those signals which have the highest probability of success (there is some flexibility here based on trader's risk appetite).

Just like TrendSuite, MarketScalper comes with 2 add-ons. One is PRO, mostly automated signals with the option to engage in high frequency trading. The other is Mixer which gives traders more flexibility in customization (via Manual Mode). The following screenshots show MarketScalper PRO in regular (probability at 4) and High Frequency Trading Mode, as well as Mixer in Balanced and Manual (Range @ 45, Sensitivity @ 10) modes.

MarketScalper PRO on Nifty M5, Probability @ 4.

MarketScalper PRO on Nifty M5, High Frequency Trading Mode Active.

MarketScalper Mixer, on Nifty M5, Balanced Mode.

MarketScalper PRO on Nifty M5, Manual Mode: Risk @ 45; Sensitivity @ 10.

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July 4, 2017, Toronto, Canada

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