TrendSuite Institutional Released
Fri, Jun 21, 2013, 03:09 PM
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Exclamation TrendSuite Institutional Released

Introducing Our Most Advanced Trading Software To Date - Trendsuite Institutional

In lieu of Marko Nikolic Investment Research's third year anniversary, we have decided to release a new software product that targets a user demand gap that our other four products do not - automatic trend trading. Introducing our new flagship trading software: TrendSuite Institutional - an add-on for the Metatrader 4 platform (available now), as well MultiCharts and TradeStation (coming late July 2013).

The Anatomy And Overview Of Trendsuite

TrendSuite follows our Mission and Philosophy and represents years of work: intensive development, qualification, and testing. It is Marko Nikolic's most accurate and advanced trading framework to date. As indicative by its name, TrendSuite was developed specifically for trend traders and followers. It is based on a comprehensive institutional-grade framework encompassing many areas of technical as well as quantitative analysis. Unlike our other indicators that rely on a two or three mathematical models, TrendSuite is comprised of many mathematical "cores" - each gauging and targeting a specific metric related to trend detection, following, and eventual exhaustion.

Automatic Trend Detection

TrendSuite Institutional was designed to be very automatic - literally drag and drop. It is even easier to use than MarketScalper PRO, in a sense that it's got 3 adaptive modes with no need for manual tweaking. TrendSuite's internal algorithmic framework does everything for you, adapting to new price data patterns as they emerge. You do have some strategic options when it comes to customization - the Trend Outlook mode, Filtering Strength, and optional Validation

Adaptive Term Outlook Mode Selection




The Term (i.e. trend term) Outlook mode allows you to select one of three preferred trend trading styles - Short term (intraday), Medium term (intraday to intraweek), and Long term (intraweek and beyond). Each mode type tells TrendSuite to look for a particular trend signature unique to the related outlook term. We've all seen the charts, and although price waves may be fractal in nature, the trend clearly stratifies itself from underlying at the bottom to immediate (momentum-induced "flash" trend) at top. With that picture in mind, imagine the Mode selection to be a trend strata detection mechanism. One last note - TrendSuite and its modes adapt to all time frames, chart types (including fixed-price like Renko, Range), and markets. Short-term, for example, can be applied to, both, M1 and H4 charts, with signals being generated in the temporal context of each time frame.

Advanced, Real-time Filtering

Filtering mechanism is based on a Bull-Bear weighing algorithm that actively assesses market interest, investor participation, and related momentum pertaining to the selected trend outlook mode. User has 6 options, ranging from Off (level 0), to Light (level 1) through to level 5 (maximum). The TrendSuite showcase and product listing pages contain many more examples of filtering in action.

Built-in Validation - An Extra Layer Of Assertion

Validation is an optional TrendSuite component that additionally incorporates a third framework based on the Trend Bias Module (see Anatomy diagram above). You have the option of either visually verifying each TrendSuite signal by comparing what the module output shows in comparison to signal direction, or automatically by letting TrendSuite incorporate the Trend Bias output into its signal generation controller. Automatic validation is activated by toggling a single parameter to an active state.

Strategy Showcase

A new forum section entitled TrendSuite Strategy Showcase and Ideas has been created on the forum, whose purpose will be to highlight TrendSuite's compatibility across numerous markets as well as suggest best-performing mode-filter pairings. I will personally contribute on regular basis, and of course, other users are encouraged to add their own findings.

Purchasing Trendsuite Institutional

TrendSuite Institutional for Metatrader 4 can now be purchased directly through the Marko Nikolic Investment Research Store. The MultiCharts and TradeStation versions of TrendSuite will go on sale in late July 2013. In gratitude to our existing clients (MarketScalper PRO, TradeBuilder, PivotBuilder), we are offering any and all Marko Nikolic Investment Research license holders a 20% discount on purchase of any TrendSuite software bundle.

Marko Nikolic Investment Research
TrendSuite Institutional Release Week - June 17-21, 2013 - Toronto, Canada


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