TrendSuite Institutional v5 Released
Fri, Mar 06, 2015, 01:48 PM
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Information TrendSuite Institutional v5 Released

TrendSuite v5 is by far the most significant upgrade to the series, introducing a brand-new, highly adaptive algorithmic framework and more efficient code architecture, while maintaining back-compatibility with prior versions. The word Suite in TrendSuite becomes more relevant an ever since version 5 now features 2 separate products, both intended for trading trend but for traders with different levels of technical experience/preference

The new TrendSuite: Institutional and Mixer

TrendSuite was always envisioned to be a reliable, automatic solution - that is, a software which traders can just place on their charts without worrying about input parameters and settings. Versions 1 through 4.5 of TrendSuite filled that role pretty well, but we concluded, mostly thanks to customer feedback, that it still required a certain degree of configuration (via Outlook, Filtering, Validation) to achieve most desirable results. Our objective with version 5 was to simplify the configuration process but without replacing the customizability of prior versions - since there are those traders who enjoy being able to fine-tune the algorithm to specific strategy or market parameters. Our solution was to create 2 versions of the product and offer them both to our clients at no extra charge - one for those who prefer automatic solutions (TrendSuite Institutional) and the other for traders who prefer customization (TrendSuite Mixer). While TrendSuite Institutional v5 is a brand-new product with a new algorithmic framework, TrendSuite Mixer is an improved, fully v4.5-compatible product (same algorithmic framework) incorporating all legacy features and input parameters. To continue using v4.5 strategies with v5, simply input them into TrendSuite Mixer.

The Anatomy of TrendSuite Institutional v5

TrendSuite Institutional v5 is a brand new product - new auto-adaptive algorithm, new input parameters, new Dashboard, and new code architecture. The algorithm is highly adaptive and what previously required 3 input parameters to operate now requires only a single, optional, parameter called Risk Appetite. This parameter, as suggestive by its name, gives trader the option of calibrating the signals (aggressiveness and frequency) to their accepted level of risk. Risk Appetite accepts values between 1 (low risk) and 10 (high risk), with default being 5 (average risk). Below are screenshots demonstrating how these values translate into TrendSuite's behavior.

Euro/Yen (EUR/JPY) H1, Risk Appetite set to 7

Dollar/Loonie (USD/CAD) H4, Risk Appetite set to 5

Dollar/Yen (USD/JPY) M30, Risk Appetite set to 1

The new Dashboard, which is now DPI-aware (scales proportionally across different resolutions and DPI screen densities - especially in Windows 8 and upcoming 10), displays all information about selected settings and alerts, as well as remarks about the underlying algorithm. The Risk Appetite section of the Dashboard graphically represents your risk settings. Solid squares from right to left represent their numeric equivalent. Underneath the Remarks heading are bullet points describing the characteristics of TrendSuite's algorithm. Future versions of TrendSuite Institutional will add new algorithms to the framework, allowing users to apply market, time frame, and chart type targeted behavior. Bullet points will describe key characteristics of each selected algorithm. Below is the comparison between TrendSuite Institutional's and Mixer's Dashboards.

For traders with smaller screens, the Dashboard (in both Institutional and Mixer) can either be made transparent (set Display_Dashboard_Background to false - see screenshot below) or turned off (set Display_Dashboard to false).

TrendSuite Institutional code architecture has been restructured yielding significant efficencies in calculations and memory management. Technical performance has doubled, with TrendSuite's algorithm now being able to process an average of 9,000 bars per second (most modern processors).

The Anatomy of TrendSuite Mixer

As already mentioned, Mixer is bundled with TrendSuite Institutional v5, free of charge. Its purpose is two-fold: to enable existing customers to import their old (v4.5 and under) strategies into v5 and take advantage of its enhancements, and to provide new customers with a more customizable version of TrendSuite should customization and fine-tuning be of interest to them. Mixer features the same algorithmic framework found in v4.5 but with new code architecture that improves speed of calculations (6,000 bars per second) and memory management. Input parameters are the same as v4.5, including Outlook, Filter Strength, Validation, and Research Mode. Below are screenshots showing their performance.

Pound/Dollar (GBP/USD) H1, Short-term outlook, Light Filtering

Pound/Yen (GBP/JPY) H1, Medium-term outlook, Standard Filtering

Euro/Pound (EUR/GBP) M15, Long-term outlook, Maximum Filtering

Just like Institutional v5, Mixer also comes with a new Dashboard (significant upgrade from v4.5) which is DPI-aware and more user friendly. Outlook and Filtering sections each contain a graphical representation of the type of mode you are applying. Outlook refers to the selected trend term: 1 filled square for Short, 2 for Medium, 3 for Long, while Filtering visualizes the amount of applied filtering. The more squares, the greater the filtering. Validation will light up yellow when applied and Research Mode purple. A verbal summary of selected settings is displayed in the bottom-right corner of the chart.

New Trend Bias module

The redesigned Trend Bias module now sits under the Market Profile heading within the Dashboard. Think of this 5-square grid as a spectrum with 2 poles – Bull, on the right, represented by green squares, and Bear, on the left, represented by red squares). The center represents neutral territory i.e. little or no directional trend. The color with the greatest number of squares represents prevalent market conditions (Bull or Bear). For example, 4 green squares represent a dominant underlying bull trend, while 2 indicate either ranging (e.g. weak bull trend) or transitioning market conditions (e.g. retracement from a previous bear run).

The Trend Bias module can be used to validate each signal issued by TrendSuite Mixer by setting the Validate_With_Trend_Bias parameter to true. In Institutional, Trend Bias is used for visual confirmation since algorithm does all of signal validation under the hood.


All existing TrendSuite customers can download TrendSuite Institutional + Mixer v5 from their Licensed Software Portal using the premium membership credentials they received post purchase.


TrendSuite Institutional (with Mixer) is available for sale at the official Marko Nikolic Investment Research store. The current, promotional price is $595. Customers of other Marko Nikolic Investment Research products get a 20% discount. Purchase includes all future upgrades, including version 6.

Marko Nikolic
President and Chief Developer
March 6, 2015, Toronto, Canada

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