TrendSuite Institutional v6 Released
Fri, Jul 10, 2015, 05:59 PM
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Information TrendSuite Institutional v6 Released

TrendSuite Institutional v6 is a major upgrade to the series. The sixth generation of the trend-following framework introduces a powerful, volume-based filter and improved code architecture, yielding significant increases in overall performance.

Above: TrendSuite Institutional v6 on EUR/USD M5 chart. Risk Appetite set to 8. Signal filtering via new volume weighing filter (set to light).

New Price/Volume Weighing Filter

TrendSuite Institutional features an extensive auto-adaptive algorithm under its hood, which does all the calculations for you. The only two input parameters that affect signals are Risk Appetite and (with version 6 onward) Volume Filter.

The first gives traders the option of calibrating signals (aggressiveness and frequency) to an accepted level of risk. Risk Appetite takes values between 1 (low risk) and 10 (high risk), with default being 5 (average risk).

The new Volume Filter controls TrendSuite's proprietary price/volume weighing subalgorithm. When active, the filter incorporates volume (or tick) information into signal calculations with the objective of validating price behavior with underlying volume interest. Traders new to technical analysis should understand that volume is helpful in assessing strength or weakness of price action. For example, an upthrust without proportional volume behind it can signify lack of interest at higher price levels - in other words, retracement/correction is likely to follow. Volume Filter accepts the following values: 0 (off), 1 (light filtering), 2 (moderate filtering), 3 (maximum filtering). TrendSuite's Visual Dashboard conveniently displays and interprets the selected filtering option (within the "Remarks" section).

Instead of describing Volume Filter's effects on individual signals I've attached 2 screenshots below to demonstrate performance in two scenarios - EUR/JPY uptrend and GBP/USD H1 ranging price action.

Euro/Yen (EUR/JPY) 30-minute chart. Risk Appetite set to 3, Volume Filter set to off.

Same EUR/JPY setup with Volume Filter set 1 (Light).

Pound/Dollar (GBP/USD) 1-hour chart. Risk Appetite set to 8, Volume Filter set to off.

Same GBP/USD setup with Volume Filter set 1 (Light).

When applying the filter, start with 1 (light) - increase to 2 or 3 if market or your strategy requires additional filtering. Below are couple of more screenshots showcasing TrendSuite v6 across different markets, time frames, and price behavior types:

Euro/Pound (EUR/GBP) on a 30-minute descending channel chart. Risk Appetite set to 6, Volume Filter set to 3 (maximum).

Euro/Aussie (EUR/AUD) on a 15-minute volatile (ranging) chart. Risk Appetite set to 8, Volume Filter set to 2 (Moderate).

TrendSuite v6 also features a more optimized framework code, yielding significant improvements in technical performance. Speed of signal calculations has been increased by 30%, which translates to approximately 9,000 bars/second on most modern processors.

Large format images of above screenshots are attached to the bottom of this post.

Upgrading: Existing Customers Only

All existing TrendSuite customers can download TrendSuite Institutional v6 (plus the Mixer add-on) from their Licensed Software Portal using the premium membership credentials they received post purchase.

Purchasing: New Customers

TrendSuite Institutional (with Mixer) is available for sale at the official Marko Nikolic Investment Research store. The current, promotional price is $650. Existing customers of other Marko Nikolic Investment Research products get a 20% discount. Purchase includes all future upgrades, including version 7.

Marko Nikolic
President and Chief Developer
July 10, 2015, Toronto, Canada

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