TrendSuite v7 Introduces Breakout Chaser
Fri, Jan 22, 2016, 05:57 PM
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Information TrendSuite v7 Introduces Breakout Chaser

Version 7 represents a major expansion in the TrendSuite Institutional algorithmic framework. It introduces Breakout Chaser - the first in a series of "Special Modes" designed to target specific trend-oriented strategies.

Above: TrendSuite Institutional v7 on GBP/JPY M30 chart with Breakout Chaser mode active.

Introducing TrendSuite's Special Modes

As indicative by its name, TrendSuite was envisioned and developed around the principle of trend trading - not just a single strategy, but a suite of them. Up until version 7, those strategies were mostly user-generated based on TrendSuite's 2 main parameters: Risk Appetite, controlling signal frequency and probability, and Volume Filtering, responsible for volume-based validation and filtering of signals. With version 7 onward, we've decided to offer more variety and simplify the strategy creation process by introducing something we call "Special Modes". These user-togglable features emulate unique trend-oriented strategies by applying algorithmic optimizations (subroutines) to the main signal-generating algorithm. This reduces the amount of work user has to perform in order to build specific strategies and simultaneously introduces new users/traders to strategies they may not have been familiar with.

Breakout Chaser

Breakout Chaser, the first mode in the "Special Modes" series, calibrates TrendSuite to focus on detecting and riding trend breakouts typically associated with consolidating or ranging markets. Due to the nature of this strategy and market's inherent volatility, Breakout Chaser’s objective is to maximize profit at the expense of total signal accuracy (number of winning versus number of losing signals - not to be confused with profit ratio). What that means is that the mode will issue many signals as it tries to detect and ride breakouts during consolidating, ranging, or retracing markets. Only a fraction of those signals will yield profit – usually a lot of it – while the rest will take a small loss, break even, or bring in small profit. Translating this into signal behavior, small number of signals will ride underlying trends while larger number of signals will be issued preventatively when false breakouts, whipsaws, or thrusts are detected. This mode follows the popular motto of cut your losses early and let the winners run. We've determined that Breakout Chaser has high earning potential, which is why we've made it our ongoing concern - meaning it will receive additional algorithmic enhancements in the future versions of TrendSuite.

Volume parameter (see section 4.1) can be applied to filter (reduce) frequency of signals. While volume filtering works well with TrendSuite’s regular algorithm it may introduce some lag in Breakout Chaser. However, if fewer signals sufficiently reduces trader’s commission and spread (especially on minor pairs) then later entry is a good trade off.

Due to "trendiness" of higher time frames Breakout Chaser works best with time charts of 15 minutes or higher, or alternatively, fixed price charts. Volatile pairs like GBP/JPY perform exceptionally well. Due to time sensitivity and rapidly moving price associated with trend breakouts, especially on intraday charts (H1 or lower), TrendSuite's Expert Adviser (EA) add-on is highly recommended to automate order execution and prevent late entry/exit. More information on purchasing the EA is outlined below.

Stop-Loss, Take-Profit, and Trailing Stop are recommended to lock-in profit (usually prior to retracement) and minimize losses. Alternatively, you can use signals from a scalping or momentum exhaustion-based indicator, like MarketScalper, to exit positions opened by Breakout Chaser as trend strength begins to weaken.

TrendSuite v7's Performance

The following screenshots showcase TrendSuite's new Breakout Chaser mode (representing trend breakout strategy) in action. Remember, focus here is capturing the big moves while cutting losses (realized and potential) to their minimum. Signals and alerts are in sync - in other words, alerts were issued exactly at the same bar where arrow is drawn. Our software never repaints.

Pound/Dollar (GBPUSD) 1-hour trend breakout capture, no filtering.

Euro/Dollar (EURUSD) intraday (1-minute) trend breakout capture, no filtering

Aussie/Dollar (AUDUSD) 15-minute trend breakout capture, no filtering

Euro/Pound (EURGBP) 30-minute trend breakout capture, no filtering

Euro/Swiss (EURCHF) 15-minute trend breakout capture, no filtering

Dollar/Yen (USDJPY) 1-hour trend breakout capture, light volume filtering applied.

TrendSuite v7 was designed for and compiled in Metatrader 4 build 900+ environment, meaning the code is more optimized and calculations faster than in any of the prior versions. If you're on an older version of MT4 you have nothing to worry about as TrendSuite is back-compatible.

Upgrading: Existing Customers Only

All existing TrendSuite customers can download TrendSuite Institutional v7 (plus the Mixer add-on) from their Licensed Software Portal using the premium membership credentials they received post purchase.

Purchasing: New Customers

TrendSuite Institutional (with Mixer) is available for sale at our official store. The current, promotional price is $600. Existing customers of other Marko Nikolic Investment Research products get a 20% discount. Purchase includes all future upgrades, including version 8 and beyond.

Expert Adviser

TrendSuite Expert Adviser (EA) is an optional add-on (+$300) for those wishing to auto-trade, auto-optimize, and back-test (via Strategy Tester) TrendSuite signals. The EA is available for sale to new clients via store. Existing TrendSuite indicator clients wishing to purchase the EA should contact us to get appropriately invoiced.

Marko Nikolic
President and Chief Developer
January 22, 2016, Toronto, Canada

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