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Mnikolic Investment Technologies
intelligent investment technologies™


Mnikolic Investment Technologies (formerly Build-a-Signal Software) actively develops software for 3 platforms: TradeStation, MultiCharts, and Metatrader.

We're official, registered developers with all 3 organizations. TradeStation, the only company of the 3 that has a developer certification program, has additionally granted Mnikolic Investment Technologies the title of an official TradeStation Open Platform Developer. Part of the program requires us to submit our products (add-ons) to TradeStation Group, Inc. for thorough internal and compatibility testing. Only once the add-ons pass their quality assurance tests, do they get certified, and go on sale here at

Profitability testing

Before releasing any of its products, Mnikolic Investment Technologies ensures each of them is capable of helping traders turn profit. More information on product development and testing can be found on Our Story and Philosophy page.

Lifetime product support

We completely and indefinitely support all our software - from the moment you receive it through to operation and subsequent updates. Our product support is one of the most comprehensive in the industry and includes:

  • Installation assistance - we resolve any installations issues you may experience.
  • Operational assistance - we explain and help you understand individual product features.
  • Remote assistance - if you are unable to resolve an issue on your own, we connect to your computer and resolve it for you - while you observe.
  • Product orientation - we recommend best practices and configurations for individual products.
  • Software updates - all our software receives regular updates, rich with new features and enahcements.
  • Market templates - we provide a plethora of preconfigured templates that help you gear our products toward specific markets, time frames, and chart types.

Marko Nikolic's lifetime product support is free, included with each software purchase.

Support resources

Technical assistance:

Strategy application and development:

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