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Key Features

  • We can say with certainty that TradeBuilder - Classic Edition is the most comprehensive strategy building framework in the world. It enables traders to develop their unique, fully-customized trading strategies from ground-up, and identify market opportunities that established and prepackaged trading systems cannot detect.
  • Follow trend or scalp or do both by customizing 36 powerful, fully integrated indicators, and their 200+ parameters. If you need something simpler or cheaper, you may wish to consider TradeBuilder Core.
  • Add existing or develop new profitable strategies by combining and compounding indicators for millions of unique possibilities.
  • All alerts and signals (including arrows) issued by TradeBuilder Classic never repaint, as they are confirmed by the program beforehand. What you see on screenshots is representative of actual, live indicator performance.
  • Eliminate market noise and trade, both, ranging and trending markets by applying Classic's built-in filter indicators.
  • Trade volatile and swinging markets with the fully integrated Overbought/Oversold Strategy mode.
  • Validate each signal with an advanced, built-in, Market Monitor by keeping track of immediate market bias, in addition to short and long term trend.
  • Incorporate the Market Monitor module directly into your trading by applying it as a filter, and avoid consolidating/choppy markets.
  • Apply your strategies to any market: FOREX, futures, CFDs, stocks, indices.
  • Trade anytime by receiving audio, visual (arrow), pop-up, push-to-phone, and email alerts every time your strategy conditions are met.
  • TradeBuilder Classic's ush-to-Phone Notifications allow you to forward all signals to your smartphone in real-time. Supported platforms: iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android (4.0 or higher).
  • Personalize pop-up and email alerts by replacing default buy/sell text with messages relevant to your strategy.
  • Fully customize the appearance of signals to fit any template: choose from 9 different types, and hundreds of colors.
  • Keep track of all settings by consulting Classic's on-screen Visual Dashboard module.
  • Give each configuration a name, and easily remind yourself of your strategy's target market, time frame, or trading rules.
  • Install TradeBuilder in seconds via built-in installer.
  • Get a lifetime upgrade license with each purchase of TradeBuilder Classic version 10 (or higher), including all future enhancements and features. New integrated indicators are added on biannual basis.
  • Shape Classic's development by providing feedback and voting on indicators and features you would like to see integrated in the future.
  • Discuss and exchange strategies with our chief algorithm architect, Marko Nikolic, and other users via TradeBuilder Forums (full complimentary membership).
  • Unlimited technical support including remote assistance.

Now Available: Free Market Templates - Target Numerous Markets, Time Frames, and Trading Styles

If you don't have time or patience to build your own strategy, then download one of many TradeBuilder Classic market templates from the user community forum. Templates are ideal for traders looking to jump straight into market action or to use them as base for their own strategy creation. These are setups uploaded by Marko Nikolic and other users, updated and added on frequent basis. They cover numerous different trading styles (from trend to range), time frames, chart types, and markets. Whatever your trading strategy involves, you are likely to find a template for it.

The Anatomy Of Tradebuilder - Classic Edition

Versions 2013-2019 of TradeBuilder Classic have been the most significant upgrades circa indicator's inception back in 2009. Newly added features include 24 all-new integrated indicators, a new powerful auto-filter based on the overhauled Market Monitor module, and over 100 new compoundable components. Altogether, TradeBuilder Classic 2019 Edition features 36 integrated indicators, and 190+ compoundable components, making it one of the most comprehensive technical analysis tools on the market today.

Newly Added Features - Highlights:

Tradebuilder - Classic Edition is constantly expanding in functionality and capability. Below are some of the recently added features.

Other Recently Added Features

One Plug-in, 36 Integrated Indicators, Thousands Of Possibilities

We don't promise or guarantee unrealistic returns. Instead, what we offer are software tools that enable investors and traders to build highly personalized, profitable strategies catered to their experience, trading style, target market, and money management.

TradeBuilder - Classic Edition is comprised of 36 established and proprietary indicators (see list below), which, when used in combination, have the potential to build powerful, fully-customized trading systems. Thirty may seem like a large number to keep track of, however, they're fully integrated into TradeBuilder's visual dashboard, making their management - and your trading - efficient and intuitive. No more staring at the screen for hours, making sure all your indicator signals line up. Just launch TradeBuilder, setup an alert for your strategy, and go about your day. TradeBuilder can even push signals to your phone.

Indicators included for compounding:

Indicator Management

With so many integrated indicators it may be difficult to remember which were applied toward your strategy. That is why TradeBuilder comes with a visual dashboard, which lists your strategy components as you select them, and remains constantly visible on the main chart for quick reference. Main indicators are drawn green, pink represents market filters, while selected alert options are drawn orange (gray indicates that alert option is inactive).

TradeBuilder Set-up and Operation

TradeBuilder takes only a minute to install while its operation is as simple as drag-and-drop.

  1. Installing and updating the indicator: TradeBuilder includes an installation wizard, which automatically installs the indicator package in seconds. The same wizard also serves as an auto-updater for future upgrades. You no longer have to worry about which file goes where - just double-click and let the installer do the rest.

  2. Select any combination of indicators you would like TradeBuilder to utilize, and configure their conditions for a target market. In this example we selected the combination of Triple Moving Average Cross, RSI, ADX, Heikin Ashi, and Force Index for the Euro/Dollar (EUR/USD) market.

  3. Once these conditions are met, TradeBuilder will issue a signal via arrow, audio, and pop-up alert. All alerts are issued on confirmation - at the bar where a strategy condition occured once the period closes. TradeBuilder does not repaint.

    You may additionally set up Push-to-Phone Notifications and Email alerts. The first option forwards all TradeBuilder signals to your smartphone (iOS and Android) in real-time, while second delivers all signals right to your inbox.

    Push-to-Phone Notifications is a feature found in all Mnikolic Investment Technologies software. Push notifications allow you to trade signals generated by the desktop version of Metatrader 4 (onto which TradeBuilder is installed) without having to physically be next to the computer. Think of your desktop as a signal server, and your smartphone as a signal recipient. Once you set up TradeBuilder on the desktop, you can run it 24 hours and execute signals as they are sent to your phone – Metatrader 4 mobile hooks to your broker for order execution.

    Push-to-Phone Notifications is a reliable and fast way of receiving the signals while on the go. If you prefer more traditional methods, the e-mail forwarding functionality is also built-in.

    If you have concerns about your internet connection, may optionally install TradeBuilder on a Windows VPS server. We offer such service through our ChartVPS subsidiary, but there are many other VPS providers out there. Just make sure the VPS hardware is adequate (CPU, RAM) and that redundancy connections are in place (99.5% or higher uptime recommended).

  4. (optional) Use multiple instances of TradeBuilder, each with a different set of conditions, if your trading style involves using multiple strategies. For example, one instance could be configured for market scalping, another for longer term range trading, and yet another could serve as an early warning system for trend change. The three together form a more comprehensive trading system capable of anticipating many patterns of price behavior.

Trade Trending And Ranging Markets

Tradebuilder works well with trending and ranging markets. Most of the bundled indicators are programmed with filters capable of detecting and avoiding times of low liquidity and/or volatility. Furthermore, several of the indicators, including ATR, Volume, Gator Oscillator to name a few, are strictly dedicated to such purpose. Compare the two screenshots below. One is Triple Moving Average Cross, MACD, and RSI compounded setup. The other is the same setup with ATR Volatility Filter Applied.
Note: Aside from TradeBuilder, you do not have to add other indicators to your charts while trading. We added them below for informational purposes only.

Disclaimer: TradeBuilder - Classic Edition is a trading platform plug-in/indicator intended for analysis of markets. Its effectiveness is based on your input and experience, and as such, Mnikolic Investment Technologies (formerly Build-A-Signal Software) and Marko Nikolic are not responsible for any losses you may incur as result of using TradeBuilder - Classic Edition in your trading endeavors. See full disclaimer.