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Key Features

  • Mnikolic Investment Technologies's most advanced and accurate software product, designed with hedge fund managers and professional investors in mind.
  • Powered by multiple algorithmic frameworks, TrendSuite was conceived, developed, and tested specifically for trend-based setups.
  • Like all other Marko Nikolic software, TrendSuite Institutional has been rigorously and successfully tested for profitability - in intraday and longer-term scenarios.
  • Auto-adaptive algorithm does all the signal calculations for you, requiring no calibration beyond your preferred risk appetite (signal frequency). It doesn't matter if your trading style is conservative or aggressive TrendSuite's versatile algorithm will fit your strategy.
  • Special Modes feature auto-calibrates the algorithm to target specific trend trading strategies such as breakouts.
  • Volume-based filter helps traders accumulate and distribute their positions in tandem with key market players.
  • TrendSuite Institutional includes an extra add-on called TrendSuite Mixer, designed for traders who prefer manual customization and optimization of algorithmic behavior and targeting. Mixer features 3 additional parameters: Term Outlook (short/intraday, medium/intraweek, and long/intramonth), Market Bias Validation (signal confirmation via secondary algorithm), and the optional Research Mode application.
  • Mixer incorporates alternative filtering technologies, based on bull-bear balance weighing, allowing for qualification of higher probability signals.
  • Within its visual dashboard, TrendSuite incorporates the Market Profile module - a powerful market monitor designed to help traders assess underlying trend conditions.
  • Trade any market (FOREX, futures, stocks, indices, CFDs etc.) at any time frame and on any chart type - TrendSuite's dynamic algorithmic framework automatically adapts.
  • Trade anytime by receiving audio, visual (arrow), pop-up, push-to-phone, and email alerts every time your strategy conditions are met.
  • TrendSuite's Push-to-Phone Notifications allow you to forward all signals to your smartphone in real-time. Supported platforms: iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android (4.0 or higher).
  • Efficient memory management ensures that TrendSuite and its real-time calculations remain fast and reliable.
  • Install TrendSuite in seconds via built-in installer.
  • Fully customize the appearance of arrow signals to blend with any template: choose from 9 different types, and hundreds of colors.
  • Pair TrendSuite institutional with MarketScalper PRO to create a complete trading system, using first add-on to enter as trend gains strength and second to exit as soon as momentum exhausts/trend retraces.
  • Get a lifetime upgrade license with each purchase of TrendSuite version 6 (or higher), including all future enhancements and features. The auto-adaptive algorithm is frequently optimized and improved as new market behavior emerges.
  • Unlimited, lifetime technical support. Remote assistance will be offered, free of charge, to those clients that need it - even years down the road.

The Anatomy Of TrendSuite Institutional

Institutional-Grade Trend Following Algorithm

TrendSuite Institutional features a sophisticated framework of algorithms, specficially developed to detect, gauge, and follow trend. The framework considers many dimensions, including technical trend analysis, volume weighing plus accumulation/distribution spread, momentum curvature (including acceleration and exhaustion), and numerous rates of change. Each signal goes through a hierarchy of qualification and validation steps based on statistical, technical, and quantitative criteria to ensure performance remains favorable and consistent. The algorithmic framework is auto-adaptive - in other words, all calculations are performed automatically with output being either long or short signal.

TrendSuite is a turnkey solution, meaning it requires no input from users beyond their preferred risk appetite. That variable, in addition to the optional Volume Filter controls signal quality and frequency in any market, time frame, and chart type.

TrendSuite is primarily geared towards trend traders, intraday and long term. The framework is suitable for signal-to-signal trading (e.g. Buy-Sell-Buy) or indepedent signal decisions for solely opening or closing positions as part of a broader trading system (in combination with 3rd party signals and take-profit/stop-loss orders).

Regardless of trading style, traders should always, at minimum, apply protective (loose) trailing stops in case market suddenly crashes (as evidenced by the 2010 Flash Crash) or in case broker connection is lost.

Volume Filtering

TrendSuite's Volume Filter is based on a proprietary price/volume weighing subalgorithm. When active, the filter incorporates volume (or tick) information into signal calculations with the objective of validating price behavior with underlying volume interest. In essence, volume is helpful in assessing strength or weakness of price action in addition to identifying accumulation/distribution patterns. For example, an upthrust without proportional volume behind it can signify lack of interest at higher price levels - in other words, retracement/correction is likely to follow.

The Euro/Yen (EUR/JPY) 30-minute chart below demonstrates what was just said. First screenshot shows Risk Appetite set to 3 with Volume Filtering disabled. The subsequent image shows the same setup with Volume Filtering set 1 (Light).

Special Modes

These user-togglable features emulate unique trend-oriented strategies by applying algorithmic optimizations (subroutines) to the main signal-generating algorithm. This reduces the amount of work user has to perform in order to build specific strategies and simultaneously introduces new users/traders to strategies they may not have been familiar with.

Trading trend breakouts with Breakout Chaser

Breakout Chaser the first mode in the "Special Modes" series, calibrates TrendSuite to focus on detecting and riding trend breakouts typically associated with consolidating or ranging markets. Due to the nature of this strategy and market's inherent volatility, Breakout Chaser’s objective is to maximize profit at the expense of total signal accuracy (number of winning versus number of losing signals - not to be confused with profit ratio). What that means is that the mode will issue many signals as it tries to detect and ride breakouts during consolidating, ranging, or retracing markets. Only a fraction of those signals will yield profit – usually a lot of it – while the rest will take a small loss, break even, or bring in small profit. Translating this into signal behavior, small number of signals will ride underlying trends while larger number of signals will be issued preventatively when false breakouts, whipsaws, or thrusts are detected. This mode follows the popular motto of cut your losses early and let the winners run. We've determined that Breakout Chaser has high earning potential, which is why we've made it our ongoing concern - meaning it will receive additional algorithmic enhancements in the future versions of TrendSuite. Below is a showcase of TrendSuite's Breakout Chaser mode in action:

Pound/Yen (GBPJPY) 30-minute trend breakout capture, no filtering

Euro/Dollar (EURUSD) intraday (1-minute) trend breakout capture, no filtering

Aussie/Dollar (AUDUSD) 15-minute trend breakout capture, no filtering

Dollar/Yen (USDJPY) 1-hour trend breakout capture, light volume filtering applied.

TrendSuite Institutional Showcase

The following section contains numerous screenshots of TrendSuite Institutional in action. We are including many examples from diverse markets, time frames, and chart types, to showcase TrendSuite's versatility and adaptability.

Euro-Aussie (EUR/AUD) M15 - Risk Appetite set to 3 (conservative) with Moderate Volume Filtering

Euro/Dollar (EUR/USD) M5 - Risk Appetite set to 8 (aggressive) with Light Volume Filtering

Dollar/Loonie (USD/CAD) H4 - Risk Appetite set to 5 (balanced), no filtering

Aussie/Dollar (AUD/USD) H4 - Risk Appetite set to 7 (moderately aggressive), no filtering

Pound/Yen (GBP/JPY) H1 - Risk Appetite set to 5 (balanced), no filtering

Euro/Pound (EUR/GBP) M30 - Risk Appetite set to 6 (slightly aggressive) with Maximum Volume Filtering

Euro/Yen (EUR/JPY) H1 - Risk Appetite set to 7 (moderately aggressive), no filtering

Customize Algorithmic Behavior With TrendSuite Mixer

All TrendSuite licenses include 2 add-ons: TrendSuite Institutional and TrendSuite Mixer. As described above, the first features an automatic, auto-adaptive algorithmic framework, while the second allows traders to customize signal behavior. Unlike trendSuite Institutional which features a single input parameter, TrendSuite Mixer features 4: Outlook, Filtering, Validation, Research Mode - each designed to give users more direct control over internal algorithmic behavior (frequency, price behavior targeting, etc.). Of the 4, Outlook with its 3 modes has most impact of algorithmic behavior:

Short Term Mode

TrendSuite Mixer focuses on immediate-to-short term trend. Since charts are fractal in nature, the adjective “short term” can apply to, both, a 1 minute chart and 1 hour. The “short” in short term refers to the near trend outlook within a given time frame or chart type. This setting will catch smaller trend ripples, but also retracements that you can ride.

Featured market: Euro-Swissy (EUR/CHF) M15

Medium Term Mode

This mode focuses on longer lasting market currents. It will ignore smaller retracements so make sure your take-profit/stop-loss (TP/SL) settings reflect that. Medium term mode will still detect larger retracements but the primary concern here is trend following.

Featured market: Dollar-Swissy (USD/CHF) M5

Long Term Mode

Strict focus is underlying trend – that is, fundamental trend underneath all the shorter term bull/bear cycles and ripples. This trend usually takes longer to reverse and gain momentum, but once it does, it remains pertinent for a long time. Majority of retracements are ignored. TP/SL limits need to be the widest – especially if you decide to trade the Long Term mode in signal-to signal (i.e. buy-sell-buy) fashion.

Featured market: Spot Gold (XAU/USD) M1

TrendSuite Mixer's Filtering

Each mode's signal output can be further optimized by applying Mixer’s 5-level filter, based on an adaptive Bull-Bear weighing algorithm. The filter controls the quality and frequency of signals, enabling users to align TrendSuite's signal output with their preferred trading style and risk appetite. Each of the 5 filter levels targets a trading style specific to price behavior patterns ranging from aggressive (1) to conservative (5). Filtering is best suited for Short and Medium term modes since the Long term mode considers several internal filters.

The EUR/JPY M1 example below demonstrates Mixer's filtering in an aggressive, Short term mode setup.

Validating TrendSuite Mixer's Signals Via Market Profile Module

The Mixer add-on offers an extra layer of validation that can be applied on top of any mode or filtering level. That validation comes in form of the Trend Bias Module, a tool found at the bottom of the Trading Dashboard. In order to calculate the signals more objectively, the module utilizes technical analysis framework separate from Mixer's.

Think of the module as a spectrum containing 2 opposing poles – Bull on the left and Bear on the right. The center represents neutral territory i.e. little or no directional trend. The more points (squares) pull toward one side, the stronger the bias in that direction. For example, 5 green (Bull) points represent a strong underlying bull trend, while 3 green (Bull) versus 2 red (Bear) would indicate either weak bull trend or a retracement from a prior bear run.

The Market Profile module can be used to validate each signal issued by TrendSuite – either visually by glancing the bias rating before opening a position, or automatically by activating the appropriate parameter within TrendSuite's settings. When set to automatic, the validation will take place programmatically (transparent to the user), with each TrendSuite signal consulting the Market Profile rating before being issued. For highest probability trades, align chart signals (arrows) with appropriate Market Profile output. For example, to validate a long signal (represented by an up arrow), you would want the Market Profile to show at least 4 green (Bull)points.

Featured market: Pound-Dollar (GBP/USD) M1

TrendSuite Mixer Showcase

The following section showcases TrendSuite Mixer's performance across diverse markets and price behaviors.

Spot Gold (XAU/USD) M15 - Medium term mode with Standard filtering and Auto-Validation

Dollar/Yen (USD/JPY) M15 - Medium Term mode with Light filtering and Auto-Validation

Pound/Dollar (GBP/USD) M1 - Long Term mode with Light filtering

Euro/Dollar (EUR/USD) M30 - Medium Term mode with Moderate filtering

Pound/Yen (GBP/JPY) M1 - Short Term mode with Enhanced filtering - high frequency trading

Dollar/Loonie (USD/CAD) H4 - Medium Term mode, maximum filtering

Euro/Yen (EUR/JPY) 2-pip Renko chart - Long-Term mode, maximum filtering - riding intraday underlying trend

Deutscher Aktien Index (DAX30) M30 - Short-Term mode, moderate filtering - following intra-weekly trend cycles

Apple Inc (nasdaq: AAPL) M1 - Short-Term mode, enhanced filtering - trading intraday breakouts

Trading Dashboard: Configuration Management And Strategy Backtesting

TrendSuite Institutional issues real-time alerts and draws all of the historic arrow signals based on selected mode, allowing for easy visual backtesting. TrendSuite does not repaint - meaning once signals are issued they never move.

TrendSuite - both Institutional and Mixer - include an easy-to-read, graphical trading dashboard, comprised of settings and alert indicators, Market Profile module, and algorithm commentary (Institutional only). The dashboard helps users keep track of their strategy input parameters, as well as alerts they'd like to receive. The Market Profile module serves as validation tool for all signals issued via TrendSuite by performing additional trend analysis.

Featured market: Dollar/Yen (USD/JPY) M30

For those traders wishing to maximize chart space, TrendSuite also offers a more basic graphical user interface with transparent background and only the most pertinant information.

Continual Product Support + Optimization

TrendSuite Institutional is a living product. By that, we mean it has extensive developer and tester support behind it. We regularly benchmark TrendSuite's performance and test compatibility with new Metatrader releases to make sure it works as advertised. Algorithmic updates are published on from time to time, containing the latest behavioral market definitions. This process ensures that indicator performance remains optimal, regardless of what market or price action may be doing. When TrendSuite is attached to a chart, a message in the bottom-left will display the definition ruleset (Build) that the indicator is presently parsing. This reminder can be turned on or off.

Trend Scalping: Integration With MarketScalper PRO

If you already own a MarketScalper PRO license, you can take advantage of simultaneously using it with TrendSuite Institutional to build a more comprehensive trading system. TrendSuite is effective at identifying trend patterns and their underlying strength. By contrast, MarketScalper PRO excels at scalping - detecting turning points such as swings, thrusts, and other manifestations of momentum exhaustion. Combinging the two together, you would use TrendSuite to open trend-geared positions and MarketScalper PRO to close them, as soon as trend begins to retrace (lose momentum or investor interest). Think of it as trend scalping. Below is screenshot of an actual EUR/USD M30 Trend Scalping strategy.

Featured market: Euro/Dollar (EUR/USD) M30

Set-up And Operation

TrendSuite Institutional takes a minute to install and its operation is as simple as drag-and-drop.

  1. Installing and updating the indicator: TrendSuite includes an installation wizard, which automatically installs the TrendSuite Institutional and Mixer indicator package in seconds. The same wizard also serves as an auto-updater for future upgrades. You no longer have to worry about which file goes where - just double-click and let the installer do the rest.

  2. Open one of several included templates or drag and drop TrendSuite Institutional (and/or Mixer) onto any chart to activate.

  1. Once a trend is detected, TrendSuite will issue a signal via arrow, audio, and pop-up alert. All alerts are issued on confirmation, once the period closes - and never repaint.

Featured market: Dollar/Loonie (USD/CAD) M1

  1. You may additionally set up Push-to-Phone Notifications and Email alerts. The first option forwards all TrendSuite signals to your smartphone (iOS and Android) in real-time, while second delivers all signals right to your inbox.

    Push-to-Phone Notifications is a feature found in all Mnikolic Investment Technologies software. Push notifications allow you to trade signals generated by the desktop version of Metatrader 4 (onto which TrendSuite is installed) without having to physically be next to the computer. Think of your desktop as a signal server, and your smartphone as a signal recipient. Once you set up TrendSuite on the desktop, you can run it 24 hours and execute signals as they are sent to your phone – Metatrader 4 mobile hooks to your broker for order execution.

    If you have concerns about your internet connection, may optionally install TrendSuite on a Windows VPS server. We offer such service through our ChartVPS subsidiary, but there are many other VPS providers out there. Just make sure the VPS hardware is adequate (CPU, RAM) and that redundancy connections are in place (99.5% or higher uptime recommended).

  2. (optional) Add multiple instances of TrendSuite to the same chart, each with different settings (Risk Appetite, filtering). For example, you could have 2 instances, one configured with conservative settings and the other with aggressive. You would then take advantage of signal confluence, opening positions when both instances are showing the same directional signal (within few bars).

Featured market: Euro/Dollar (EUR/USD) M15

Disclaimer: TrendSuite (Institutional and Mixer) is a trading platform plug-in/indicator intended for analysis of markets. Its effectiveness is based on your input and experience, and as such, Mnikolic Investment Technologies (formerly Build-A-Signal Software), Marko Nikolic, and Nitrode, Inc. are not responsible for any losses you may incur as result of using TrendSuite in your trading endeavors. See full disclaimer.

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