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This offer is only available to existing TradeBuilder Classic customers. If you do not own a Classic license, and are interested in purchasing it, please visit the official MNikolic Investment Technologies store.

If you already own a valid TradeBuilder - Classic Edition license you qualify for either a free or deeply discounted upgrade. Understanding which applies to you is simple:

Free upgrade

All TradeBuilder - Classic Edition license holders who purchased the software on or after April 8, 2012 automatically qualify for a free upgrade to the 2020 Edition. The appropriate download link will be emailed to all qualifying clients.

Discounted upgrade

If you purchased TradeBuilder Classic before April 8, 2012, you qualify for a discounted upgrade fee of $250 (includes 2020 Edition and all future versions of TradeBuilder Classic). Enter your license number (sent in our original email to you, following the purchase) and your full name in the text fields below and click Upgrade. You'll be taken to the Paypal check-out page for secure payment processing. Your license will be upgraded within 24 hours following the payment.

TradeBuilder Classic License Number
Full Name

Why paid upgrades?

In a nutshell, developing and testing new features is costly, both in labor expenses and technological infrastructure. Prior to version 5 (April 8, 2012 release), TradeBuilder Classic was sold at a significantly lower price and offered a fraction of features that newer versions contain. After version 5 was released we increased Classic's price and switched to a new business model that provides clients with lifetime of free software upgrades. In order to fund our future research and development, we ask pre-version 5 clients to upgrade at a deeply discounted price: $250 versus $500 retail. Upgrading to new versions of TradeBuilder in order to take advantage of new features is purely optional. If you're happy with the version you are currently on (even if it is older than version 5), you do not need to upgrade. That version will continue functioning indefinitely.

TradeBuilder Classic release history

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