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Build 6500 is the last upgrade in the v6 series of TradeBuilder - Classic Edition before the major v7.0 release. It was compiled in the new MQL4 programming environment (Metatrader 4 builds 600 and higher), allowing the indicator to take full advantage of many new platform features. This, in addition to new code structure and subroutines, allows TradeBuilder Classic to now natively run on all build 600+ versions of Metatrader 4.


  • All visual glitches, such as those associated with the dashboard, have been fixed.
  • The speed of calculations has been increased by 25%: signal processing at 5000 bars/second (most modern processors) versus 4000 bars/sec in previous build 6200.
  • Installer has been updated to reflect the new indicator folder hierarchy, allowing automatic installation with just a few clicks.

Below is a screenshot of TradeBuilder Classic v6, build 6500 targeting GBP/USD H1 trend, running on Metatrader 4, build 610. Applied settings: Hull Exponential MA cross, RSI, Ichimoku, Bollinger Bands. In addition, application of the Volume component improves performance during price consolidation.


If you are an existing TradeBuilder Classic customer, only ONE of the following TWO options applies:

  1. Customers who purchased TradeBuilder - Classic Edition v5.0 or higher qualify for a free upgrade.
  1. Customers who purchased TradeBuilder - Classic Edition v4.9 or older qualify for a discounted upgrade.

TradeBuilder - Classic Edition v6.0 is available for sale at the official Marko Nikolic Investment Research store. The current, promotional price is $345. Your purchase includes a free upgrade to Classic v7.0, slated for release in Q1/2 2014.

Marko Nikolic
Chief Developer and President
February 18, 2014, Toronto, Canada

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