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Mnikolic Investment Technologies
intelligent investment technologies™

Software: MarketScalper PRO

Key parameters: Probability set to 4 (72% or higher qualification)

Market: GBP/JPY‬ (Pound/Yen)

Chart time frame: 1-minute

Strategy Type: Intraday Scalping; Momentum Play; Swing Trading

As mentioned in prior publications, MarketScalper PRO excels in scalping price momentum, especially in volatile markets such as the Yen crosses, minors, and exotics. Using a lower time frames (M1-M5) also ensures that we get plenty of ranging action, ideal for swing trading. In this strategy, Probability parameter, which qualifies signal accuracy based on several statistical and technical frameworks, is set to 4 That roughly translates to MarketScalper only issuing signals that have probability of 72% or higher of succeeding. A "successful" signal is one that correctly identifies a turning point of any magnitude.

To activate this strategy, simply set the Probability parameter to true - everything else is handled by MarketScalper algorithmic framework. MarketScalper PRO v13 or higher (generation 13+ scalping algorithm) is required for this strategy to run as shown.

Marko Nikolic
President and Chief Developer
June 11, 2016, Toronto, Canada

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