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Mnikolic Investment Technologies
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Software: MarketScalper PRO

Key parameters:

  • H1 strategy:Probability set to 3 (70% or higher qualification)
  • M15 strategy: High Frequency Trading Mode active

Target Market: Nifty 50‬ (National Stock Exchange of India's benchmark stock market index)

Strategy Type: Intraday Scalping; Momentum Play; Swing Trading; Trend Reversal

The two screenshots below highlight MarketScalper's 2 main modes: Standard (controlled via Probability parameter) and High Frequency Trading. The first is ideal for higher time frames as it seeks out turning points such as trend weakening or retracements while the second excels at intensive intraday trading, relying on high volume of trades to generate returns. Indian markets such as Nifty are quite volatile and provide plenty of volatility for scalping.

Nifty 1-hour chart with MarketScalper's Probability input set to 3

Nifty 15-minute chart with MarketScalper in High Frequency Trading mode

To activate the H1 strategy, simply set the Probability parameter to 3 - everything else is handled by MarketScalper algorithmic framework. For M15, set High Frequency Trading to true. MarketScalper PRO 2016 or higher is required for both strategies to run as shown.

Marko Nikolic
President and Chief Developer
July 13, 2016, Toronto, Canada

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