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Used by investment industry professionals, PivotBuilder is a fully-customizable support/resistance/pivot ("grid trading") system. Plot up to 8 highly-adaptive pivots and customize their behavior to suit your strategy, risk, and price signature. Apply linear regression, volume, and tick delta to pivots to get pulse of the underlying market conditions.

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Key Features

  • PivotBuilder is a pivot trader's ultimate toolbox, providing them with advanced, easy-to-use tools that go far beyond simple support and resistance strategies.
  • Configure up to 8 fully-customizable, highly adaptable price envelopes (pivots) based on your strategy or criteria.
  • Built-in parameter optimization features (exhaustive and genetic) enable traders to auto-configure best performing settings for any market (stocks, futures, indices, FOREX, CFDs, etc.), time frame, or chart type.
  • PivotBuilder's versatility enables traders to trade trend (bullish/bearish, intraday/underlying), scalp price momentum/volatility for quick profits, or do both in the same time.
  • Assign each pivot a long entry, short entry, long exit, or short exit trigger, and trade signals (automatically or manually) as your conditions are met in real-time.
  • Protect your strategy from volatile price behavior by configuring pivot envelopes to issue warning alerts as soon as key levels are pierced.
  • Configure individual envelopes to build comprehensive trading systems from scratch or control multiple envelopes at once for quick strategy creation.
  • Apply shortcuts like Global Period and Sequential Deviation to configure multiple envelopes at once, and speed up configuration, optimization, and testing of your strategies.
  • Customize as few or as many settings as you'd like. Aside from selecting the quantity of envelopes you would like to set-up in strategy, other configurable options include: deviation, volatility, linear regression, volume, displacement, period, moving average type, price type. Pivot deviation (envelope spacing) can be either volatility (standard deviation) or price derived, and positive or negative - depending on whether you’d like to place the envelope above or below price action.
  • Each pivot envelope can be calculated using 6 different moving average types: Hull, Simple, Exponential, Weighted, and Triangular (double-smoothed), and Trend Weighted (Mnikolic Investment Technologies's proprietary MA type).
  • Trend Weighted MA's advanced algorithm incorporates real-time trend direction and magnitude into its calculations providing traders with ultra low-lag and superior filtering cabilities.
  • Set-up PivotBuilder's Trigger-Crossing-Envelope (TCE) and Trigger-Piercing-Envelope (TPE) alerts in just a few steps. TCE enables traders to detect onset of a trend conditions or approach to overweight/underweight market state, while TPE helps detect retracements, price thrusts, and statistical extremes.
  • PivotBuilder's integrated order management system lets traders customize Take-Profit, Stop-Loss, Trailing Stop, and order sizing options right within add-ons' interface.
  • Use PivotBuilder's optional Flexible Order Sizing feature to automatically open orders of varying, condition-dependent sizes.
  • Accumulate/distribute your position or qualify signal quality by applying PivotBuilder's powerful, full-spectrum volume filter.
  • Apply volume profiling by enabling PivotBuilder's Tick Delta filtering capabilities, and understand whether bulls or bears are dominating beneath price action.
  • Avoid consolidating/ranging conditions by applying up to 5 levels of statistical momentum filtering.
  • Auto-trade any PivotBuilder strategy with single or multiple conditions via included Strategy add-ons (Long Entry - LE, Short Entry - SE, Long Exit - LX, Short Exit - SX).
  • Get alerted as soon as your strategy conditions are met. PivotBuilder offers visual (ShowMe dots), audio, email, and pop-up alert options for any object interaction or strategy condition.
  • PivotBuilder Personal Trading Suite includes 7 modules: Indicator add-on to help you construct and display envelopes; a ShowMe study for visualizing how your conditions and settings perform in the market; 4 Strategy add-ons for testing, optimizing, and auto-trading conditions based on your PivotBuilder strategies; and API Function, for integration of PivotBuilder into other TradeStation/MultiCharts add-ons (standard and 3rd party). The ShowMe add-on incorporates all TradeStation/MultiCharts alert options, so you’ll get notified as soon as your conditions are met via any channel you desire.
  • The PivotBuilder API Function allows traders and developers to extend PivotBuilder's functionality by easily integrating it into other add-ons, compounding capabilities and effects of multiple analysis techniques. See PivotBuilder CCI customization for demonstration.
  • Purchase includes an in-depth operational manual explaining each add-on's features, options, and recommended settings. Includes sample strategies and trading setups.
  • Get a quick start by loading one of several preconfigured templates (workspaces, analysis groups) configured for specific markets, time frames, and chart types.
  • Get a lifetime upgrade license with each purchase of PivotBuilder, including all future enhancements and features. The algorithmic framework is frequently improved and expanded with newly-researched features.
  • Purchase includes 30 days of high-performance VPS service - ideal for auto-trading or placing orders without interruption.
  • Each license includes premium membership to (user community), providing access to indicator resources, including TradeStation® workspaces, desktops, analysis groups, strategies, and user discussions. Downloadable PivotBuilder content (such as workspaces) is categorized and optimized per market, time frame, and chart type basis.
  • Have a peace of mind by knowing that PivotBuilder, like all other Mnikolic Investment Technologies products, has been thoroughly tested for profitability - in trend-following and scalping scenarios.
  • Install PivotBuilder in seconds via built-in installer.
  • Receive unlimited, lifetime product and technical support, including remote connection.
Trading style Strategy toolkit, scalping, trend-following, swing-trading, momentum-investing, intraday, pivots, support-resistance, grid-trading, compounding
Recommended markets Stocks, Futures, Options, Forex, Indices, Bonds
Recommended time frame Any
Market templates Yes, see user community forum.
Features and Specifications
Algorithm type Framework (advanced) - combine and compound pivot-building and filtering elements to create trend-following or scalping strategies. User input required.
Platform compatibility TradeStation (9, 9.1, 9.5), MultiCharts (9+)
Software type Indicator, ShowMe, Auto-trading (LE, LX, SE, SX), Function (API)
Software version Third generation (v3) trading framework
Technical requirements Windows (XP, Vista, Win7, 8, 8.1, 10, Server, VPS), 1.5GHz CPU, 2GB RAM, 300MB disk space, Sound Card (optional - for audio alerts). 3GB RAM + 2.0GHz CPU recommended for complex strategies (4+ pivots grid trading) and deep history testing/optimization
Signal output Email, audio, pop-up, visual (ShowMe dots), autotrading (via LE, LX, SE, SX add-ons).
Integrated indicators Not applicable
Included support Full operational and technical: email, chat, remote assistance
Future software upgrades Yes. Unrestricted access to all future versions is provided, free of charge.

PivotBuilder Trading Suite

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