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TradeBuilder - Core Edition v8

(builds 600 and higher fully compatible)

Combine and compound 11 harmonizing indicators (Moving Average of Oscillator (OSMA), Double Moving Average Cross, Relative Strength Index, Momentum oscillator, Stochastic Oscillator, Heikin-Ashi Filter, Average True Range, Commodity Channel Index, Money Flow Index, and the Force Index, Technical Filter (proprietary)) and their 75+ parameters to build powerful trading setups. Includes ability to issue numerous types of alerts.


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Developed and solely distributed by Marko Nikolic Investment Research (formerly Build-a-Signal).

Please note, my listings (ebay username: build-a-signal), and the this store, are the ONLY official distribution channels for TradeBuilder - Core Edition.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Windows (XP, Vista, Win7, 8, 8.1, Server, VPS), Metatrader 4 (free), Internet connection, Sound Card (optional - for audio alerts)

This listing is for TRADEBUILDER - CORE EDITION plug-in for Metatrader 4 (and 5). It includes ALL of the features shown below.

Your purchase also comes with a LIFETIME UPGRADE LICENSE for TradeBuilder Core Edition Series. Latest version is 8.0. All future versions will be emailed to you


  • Build your unique, personalized trading strategy from ground-up, and identify market opportunities that established and pre-packaged trading systems cannot detect.
  • Easily configure and optimize 11 expanded, fully integrated indicators: Double Moving Average Cross, Relative Strength Index (RSI), Stochastic Oscillator, Stochastic OB/OS, Commodity Channel Index (CCI), Momentum oscillator, Force Index, Moving Average of Oscillator (OsMA), Average True Range (ATR), Money Flow Index, Technical Filter.
  • Improve existing or develop new profitable strategies by combining and compounding integrated indicators, and activating 75+ strategy-building features for many possibilities.
  • Apply 2 different filters to avoid consolidating (slow-moving) or volatile (thrust-driven) price action.
  • Stay constantly in the market, by receiving audio, visual (arrow), pop-up, push-to-phone notifications, and email alerts every time your strategy conditions are met.
  • TradeBuilder Core's Push-to-Phone Notifications allow you to near-instantaneously (within 0.5-2 seconds) forward all signals to your smartphone. Supported platforms: iOS (iPhone, iPad), or Android.
  • All alerts (including arrows) issued by TradeBuilder NEVER REPAINT, as they are confirmed by the program beforehand.
  • Fully customize the appearance of signals to fit any template: choose from 9 different types, and hundreds of colors.
  • Receive TradeBuilder - Core Edition, eighth generation (v8.x) lifetime upgrade license.
  • For a limited time, receive a free upgrade to TradeBuilder - Core Edition v9!
  • Discuss and exchange strategies with myself and other users via TradeBuilder Forums (full complimentary membership).
  • Unlimited technical and operational support. See types of product support we provide.
  • Apply your compiled strategies to any market: FOREX, futures, CFDs, stocks.




    For the first time ever, TradeBuilder Core now includes an auto-filtering component called the Technical Filter. The name derives from filter's underlying algorithm, which is based on our proprietary technical analysis techniques. It is effective at filtering noisy markets, with 3 settings to suit different trading strategies - from swing to trend following. The application and effect of each Technical Filter setting is presented in the 4 screenshots below. Filter strength grows exponentially with Filtering input increments.

    EUR/USD H1: TradeBuilder Core v7 compounding Double MA Cross (2MA) + Commodity Channel Index (CCI) + Stochastic Oscillator (STOCH) + Heikin Ashi (HA)

    Above setup without Technical Filter (Filtering = 0)

    The market signals are frequent, and although you could remove the noise by changing individual integrated indicator settings we're going to use the Technical Filter in the following 3 steps.

    Filtering = 1 (light)

    Filtering = 2 (standard)

    Filtering = 3 (maximum)


Tradebuilder - Core Edition is constantly expanding in functionality and capability. Below are some of the recently added features, free to all license holders.


    The Momentum oscillator (also available in TradeBuilder Classic) tracks price movement's rate of change. Think of it as the velocity at which price is changing, in either positive (trending up) or negative (trending down) direction. Momentum is effective for trading trend, especially with higher Period values, and when compounded with trend-geared indicators like the Moving Average Cross.

    Core's Momentum in action: Euro/Dollar (EUR/USD) 5-minute chart
    Compounding Momentum, Double-MA Cross, CCI, Average True Range, Force Index integrated indicators.


    The Momentum oscillator (also available in TradeBuilder Classic) tracks price movement's rate of change. Think of it as the velocity at which price is changing, in either positive (trending up) or negative (trending down) direction. Momentum is effective for trading trend, especially with higher Period values, and when compounded with trend-geared indicators like the Moving Average Cross.

    Core's Momentum in action: Euro/Dollar (EUR/USD) 5-minute chart
    Compounding Momentum, Double-MA Cross, CCI, Average True Range, Force Index integrated indicators.


    OsMA is derived by calculating the variance between a convergence/divergence oscillator and its smoothing (moving average). It is effective at gauging momentum strength as well as directional bias, which is why OsMA is most effective in trend-geared strategies. Most traders use the 0-line crossovers as signal triggers. A cross above the 0 OsMA line indicates a long signal while below indicates a short. UpLimit and DownLimit parameters can further improve signals by filtering out errant or slow price action.

    EXAMPLE: EUR/USD H1, OSMA-based trend setup


    ATR is an excellent volatility measuring tool and as such can effectively filter out consolidating (channels, triangles, wedges) or erratic (thrust-driven) price action. Since it focuses almost exclusively on volatility, ATR is a non-directional indicator. That means you should compound it with one of the 6 directional integrated indicators to give your setup a directional context. In a nutshell, when activated, ATR improves quality and profitability of directional indicators such as double moving average cross or OsMA. The screenshot below demonstrates just that.

    EXAMPLE: The same EUR/USD H1 setup from OsMA section above but with ATR filtering applied

    The result is fewer signals but of higher quality and profit ratio.

For full details pertaining to TradeBuilder - Core Edition v4.0 (including a tutorial) please see the official release post.

Version 4.5 press release is available here.


    Core's algorithm has been enhanced, and now issues signals when %K and %D lines cross, but only while the cross takes place above or below overbought/oversold limit levels, effectively increasing the quality of each signal. The old logic only considered the faster, %K line's position in respect to OB/OS limits. Below is a screenshot showing an AUD/USD M15 chart running Core v3's enhanced Stochastic OB/OS.


    Originally developed by Alexander Elder, the Force Index takes both price and volume into consideration and can effectively be used to determine market weakness (see screenshot below). It is best used in combination with 1 or 2 additional indicators such as RSI and especially the trend-following MA Cross. A full tutorial is available HERE.
    Below is a GBP/USD M5 setup example, featuring Force Index compounded with a Moving Average cross.

    Full details can be found on version 2.0 release page


    There's a great debate over which is better RSI or CCI as an oscillator, so our thinking was why not include both for both schools of trading. As evidenced by the screenshot below, CCI does seem to filter (reduce false signals) lower time frame markets rather nicely when compounded with the double moving average cross.

    All the details can be found on version 1.2 release page


    Just added to Core's set of features, is a new parameter that activates a superb range-trading strategy based on Stochastic Oscillator overbought/oversold levels. It is very effective for scalping the range when the market is not trending.

    For example, a popular Stochastic overbought/sold strategy is to sell when lines cross above 80 level, and buy when they cross under 20. To accomplish this, just set Overbought_Sold_On to true, UpLimit to 20 and DownLimit to 80. That's it.

    More information is available on version 1.1 release page.




We're not going to promise or guarantee any unrealistic returns. Instead, we are offering the software tools that will enable you to build highly personalized, profitable trading strategies which are catered to your style and experience, money management, and needs.


TradeBuilder Core Edition is comprised of 11 harmonizing indicators, including Double Moving Average Cross, Commodity Channel Index, Relative Strength Index, Money Flow Index, Stochastic Oscillator, and Force Index plus their 75+ components (see list below), which, when combined and compounded, have the potential to build very powerful trading systems (speaking from personal trading experience). 75 may seem like a large number of settings, however, they're fully integrated into TradeBuilder's main dashboard, making their management, and your trading life, many times easier. No more staring at the screen for hours making sure all your independent indicator signals line up. Just launch TradeBuilder, setup an alert for your strategy, and go about your day.

Combine and compound the following indicators and options:

  • Double Moving Average
    • Both moving averages are fully and independently customizable
    • MA type: Simple, Exponential, Smoothed, Linear Weighted
    • Price type: Close, Open, High, Low, Median, Typical, Weighted
    • Period
    • Shift
  • Relative Strength Index
    • Period
    • Minimum RSI BUY strength
    • RSI Oversold level
    • Minimum RSI SELL strength
    • RSI Overbought level
    • Price type: Close, Open, High, Low, Median, Typical, Weighted
  • Commodity Channel Index
    • Period
    • Minimum CCI BUY strength
    • Minimum CCI SELL strength
    • Price type: Close, Open, High, Low, Median, Typical, Weighted
  • Momentum oscillator
    • Period
    • Minimum Momentum BUY strength
    • Minimum Momentum SELL strength
    • Price type: Close, Open, High, Low, Median, Typical, Weighted
  • Stochastic Oscillator
    • Period: %K, %D, and Signal lines
    • Minimum Stochastic BUY strength
    • Stochastic Oversold level
    • Minimum Stochastic SELL strength
    • Stochastic Overbought level
    • Price Field Parameters: Low/High, Close/Close
    • Stochastic Mode Identifier: Base Line, Signal Line
    • MA type: Simple, Exponential, Smoothed, Linear Weighted
    • Price type: Close, Open, High, Low, Median, Typical, Weighted
  • Force Index
    • Period for price/volume
    • Buy trigger level
    • Sell trigger level
    • Price type for calculations: Close, Open, High, Low, Median, Typical, Weighted
    • MA type for calculations: Simple, Exponential, Smoothed, Linear Weighted
  • Oscillator of Moving Average (OsMA)
    • 3 periods: Fast MA, Slow MA, Smoothing
    • Minimum OsMA bull (BUY) strength
    • Minimum OsMA bear (SELL) strength
    • Price type for calculations: Close, Open, High, Low, Median, Typical, Weighted
  • Average True Range (ATR) Filter
    • Period/outlook
    • Minimum volatility strength (to avoid slow markets)
  • Money Flow Index
    • Period
    • Minimum Long (buying pressure) strength
    • Minimum Short (selling pressure) strength
  • Technical Filter
    • Filtering Strength/li>
  • Additional Options
    • Arrow, Sound, pop-up alerts
    • Push-to-Phone notifications
    • E-mail signal notifications
    • Arrow types, colors, sizes, distance
    • Buy/Sell sound and voice assignment
    • Maximum historic bar count (optimization)


INDICATOR MANAGEMENT (with a built-in Market Bias Module)

It may be difficult to remember which integrated indicators you applied toward your strategy. That is why TradeBuilder comes with a visual dashboard, which lists your strategy components (in real time, as you select them) and remains constantly visible on the main chart for quick reference. Labels in blue are the integrated indicators currently being compounded; pink = active filters; orange = active alert settings. Also integrated into the dashboard is the Market Bias Module, which you can use to validate signals with prevailing market conditions

BULLISH (Green - right circle) – An underlying bull market has been detected. BUY signals issued during this period have the highest probability of succeeding.

RANGING (Yellow - center circle) – Market is not exhibiting signs of pronounced trend. Consolidation (channels, triangles, wedges) is likely. Good conditions for scalping setups, bad for trend.

BEARISH (Red - left circle) – An underlying bear market has been detected. SELL signals issued during this period have the highest probability of succeeding.



TradeBuilder takes only a minute to install, and is very easy and intuitive to use.

  1. Double-click (or tap) on Install TradeBuilder – Core Editionself-extracting file, and keep clicking Next until the installation is complete. That's it. All recommended, default settings will be preselected for you, but you will have a chance to customize the installation process if you so desire.

  2. Select any combination of indicators you would like TradeBuilder to utilize, and configure their conditions for a target market. In this example, I compounded 3 out of 5 available integrated indicators and applied them to the EUR/USD market.
    Double MA Cross: Periods: 4,6; Price Types: 6,0; MA Types: 1,1; Shift: 0,0
    RSI: Period: 7; BUY Strength: 55; SELL Strength: 45; Price Type: 0
    Stochastic Oscillator: Periods (%K, %D, S): 4,3,3; BUY Strength: 51; SELL Strength: 49; Price Field: 0; MA Type: 0; Mode Identifier: 1;
  3. Once these conditions are met, TradeBuilder will issue a signal via arrow, audio, and pop-up alert. All alerts are always issued on confirmation, on a candlestick, bar or line once the period closes, and never repaint.

    You may additionally set up Push-to-Phone Notifications and Email alerts. The first near-instantaneously forwards all TradeBuilder Core signals to your smartphone (iOS and Android), while second delivers all signals right to your inbox.

    Push-to-Phone Notifications is a new feature recently added to Marko Nikolic software. Push notifications allow you to trade signals generated by the desktop version of Metatrader 4 (onto which TradeBuilder Core is installed) without having to physically be next to the computer. Think of your desktop (or, alternatively, VPN/VPS) as a signal server, and your smartphone as a signal recipient. Once you set up TradeBuilder Core on the desktop, you can run it 24 hours and execute signals as they are sent to your phone – Metatrader 4 mobile hooks to your broker for order execution.

    Push-to-Phone Notifications is a reliable and fast way of receiving the signals while on the go. If you prefer more traditional methods, the e-mail forwarding functionality is also built-in.

  4. (optional) Use multiple instances of TradeBuilder, each with a different set of conditions, if your trading style involves using multiple strategies. For example, one instance could be optimized for market scalping, another for longer term range trading, and yet another could serve as an early warning system for trend change.



Tradebuilder works well with trending and ranging markets. Many of the bundled indicators are programmed with optional filters capable of detecting and avoiding times of low liquidity and/or volatility. For example, all oscillators (RSI, Stochastic, Momentum, etc.) within TradeBuilder Core include customizable filters, which can be used to avoid a) overbought and oversold levels, and b) periods of low market interest (range-bound action) helping traders enter markets only during periods of higher trend momentum. Compare the two screenshots below. One is setup without any filters. The other is the same setup with RSI oversold/overbought filter rules applied.
Note: Aside from TradeBuilder, you do not have to add other indicators to your charts while trading. I added them for illustrative purposes only.



Your purchase of TrendBuilder - Core Edition includes the following:

  • TrendBuilder - Core Edition v8 Metatrader 4 plug-in. Your purchase also includes the Metatrader 5, Tradestation, and Ninjatrader versions as they become available.
  • The official TradeBuilder template + multiple preconfigured market templates.
  • Lifetime upgrade license for eighth generation (v8) TradeBuilder Core series. All updates and builds of the plug-in will be emailed to you, free of charge.
  • Free upgrade to Core v9
  • Full membership to TradeBuilder Forums - a community of TradeBuilder users (including myself), and a resource for downloadable content, discussions, and strategy sharing.
  • Unlimited technical and operational support.
  • A 15% discount on other Marko Nikolic indicators, plug-ins, and software.
  • Installation & operation manual.



TradeBuilder - Core Edition and all accompanying items will be delivered to your email address instantly following your purchase.



Since I am selling software, which is not a tangible good or service , I cannot accept returns, and hence do not issue refunds. However, you have my solemn guarantee that all material featured on this listing is truthful, genuine, and representative of the product. All indicator screen shots featured in this listing are real, and were NOT manipulated in any manner.



Core Edition is a well performing, profitable plug-in, and should satisfy most traders' needs. However, those of you looking for the ultimate in customization and power may be interested in TradeBuilder - Classic Edition, also available for sale through the store. It is currently my flagship product featuring 30 powerful indicators: Market Bias Monitor, Double Moving Average, Triple Moving Average + Short/Long Modes, Hull Moving Average, Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, Bollinger Bands, Volume, Moving Average Convergence Divergence (including MACD-Signal Cross and MACD-Distance Filter), Oscillator of Moving Average, Parabolic SAR, Heiken Ashi, Heiken Ashi Smoothed, Relative Strength Index, Commodity Channel Index, Stochastic Oscillator, Momentum, Average Directional Movement Index, Average True Range, Force Index, Alligator, Gator Oscillator, Williams' Percent Range, Demarker Technical Indicator, Market Outlook Filter as well as 170+ options for crafting hundreds of complex, one-of-a-kind strategies. For more information compare Core with Classic.


DISCLAIMER: TradeBuilder - Core Edition is a trading platform plug-in/indicator intended for analysis of markets. Its effectiveness is based on your input and experience, and as such, Marko Nikolic Investment Research (formerly Build-A-Signal Software) and myself are not responsible for any losses you may incur as result of using TradeBuilder - Core Edition in your trading endeavors. See full disclaimer.

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